Hi, How can i use my saved folder products in my revit project for my design?


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Liz, Modlar Administrator • 2017

Hi Lutfar,
To download BIM files, first make sure that the product you are looking at has files to download. If it doesn't have a tab on the right hand side that says 'Downloads', then there are no files to download. If there is a tab there, tick the format you want to download the file in and then click on 'Download' underneath.

Lutfar, Architect • 2017

How i'm download BIM files !

Liz, Modlar Administrator • 2017

Hi Birol, now that you have saved the products you will be able to find them easily. To download the BIM files, open each product individually and you will see the 'Downloads' tab on the right. If the product has a Revit file attached to it, tick that option and click on Download.