Does an architect's childhood home influence the one they make themselves

If it does, then how and why do you think it influences their home design decisions? Share your experience/instances where you've felt the above holds true.

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Answers (3)

Lucia, Architect • 2016

I grew up in an estate, always surrounded by greenery and nature. I loved waking up and seeing vast spaces covered in vegetation through my window- my parents' garden filled with flowers, ancient trees and ornamental shrubs would attract all sorts of birds, and I spent hours listening and looking at them. I realized I tend to put vegetation in my projects, in any form possible: green roofs, green walls, indoor gardens... if the project is surrounded by nature, I strategically add windows to showcase what's outside. Sometimes I feel inspired by nature's shapes, and I try to integrate them to my designs. So I guess yes, my childhood home influences my architectural decisions.

BOB, Architect • 2016

I grew up in a trailer with a family of 5. It was 8'x50'. That experience undoubtedly led to how I practice space design. In my design approach I lean to efficient use of indoor space. Don't like grandiose living spaces. I would rather create an indoor space that can be expanded to the outdoor.

Royal, Architect • 2016

I was born,bred and buttered in South Africa in a rural area always surrounded by energy efficient rondavels with thatch roofs.My designs always caprture the imagination of a circle mushroomed with the latest trend in Architecture.