Landscape architecture licensure

I have an m-arch but switched to landscape design a few years after graduation. I had several years of experiance working in landscape design and build prior to school. Currently I run a landscape design business. I am having much success in residential design and I have no desire to do commercial projects. I provide full CDs most of the time and a license is never required on residential projects. I would estimate that 90% of residential landscape projects are done by designers and about 10% by landscape architects. It is impossible to tell the difference between the work and clients do not seem to care at all. I have seen great work and horrible work by both. I do however want the license so that I can use the title. Since I do not have an MLA, I would need to either go back to school which is financially foolish, or I would need to give up my lucrative business that I enjoy and work under a landscape architect for several years. Do you think it is worth it?

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miked • 2016

I am in the same boat. A LA stamp does not carry much weight. Usually if a stamp is required for anything a civil is required not a LA. Yes you need a LA license to work on public projects in most states, but you can also work under the guise of a "public artist" or a "urban designer" and team up with a LA should those opportunities ever pop up. See Robert Irwin, Maya Lin, etc... If you are not doing public works I wouldn't waste your time on a license, and I certainly wouldn't give up an established business to go work for someone else.