minimal details

per the the minimal/maximal thread request. a visual homage. outlet: bocci 22 stair: delicious steel counter: john pawson skin: suedwestmetall, allman sattler wappner handrail: st ignatius chapel, steven holl (i wish the screws aligned...) handrail: ICA, ds r sink: holy rosary complex, trahan architects window: lewerentz, flowershop in malmo window: lewerentz, st peter's church in klippan door pulls: leather, henrybuilt skin: KH bregenz, zumthor handrail: kolumba museum, zumthor door lever: capluta sogn benedetg, zumthor door latch: bruder klaus chapel, zumthor door pull: kolumba, zumthor door handle: steel w/ leather grip, Ize [img width=416[/img]

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Bobby, Architect • 2014

door handle: steel w/ leather grip, Ize

gregco • 2014

regarding the counter by john pawson Well, the counter may be nice but as far as "minimal details" the architect may have screwed the pooch on this one. Anybody else see any transverse (short direction) wall bracing keeping this super long and narrow residence from falling over? Being a cathedral ceiling with no ceiling joists or rafter ties, requires that the ridge board become an engineered ridge beam. I dunno, what is that span there? 40 feet? 50 feet? 60 feet? Anybody know what size beam is required for such a span? Minimal details? Lets hope the damage is minimal.