How to comment on Revit family for this product?

I downloaded the Revit files for this LVT product. It looks like someone spent a lot of time creating the family. It has tons of data and lots of options. However, it isn't really useful for several reasons. How can we give feedback to the creators to get it improved?
1 - no surface patterns -- so, not useful for plan views where we wish to show the tile pattern.
2 - scale of image in materials is way off. Size of jpg is listed as 1'x1' but it contains many tiles. More likely is 3'x3' or similar. This makes the jpg image on the tile much too dense.
3 - JPGs included are REALLY LOW resolution. Again, much time was spent putting these together and there are lots of color and material options. Why only give us such low resolution bitmaps? These are unusable for any type of rendering purposes. The sample area is so small that it repeats far too often and the resolution is so low that it looks fuzzy and grainy.

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