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How do I download your products into my "REVIT" projects??? I need 3D drawings of the products, Hope you can help>


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Liz, Modlar Administrator • 2018

Hi Richard, unfortunately the product you are viewing has no Revit files attached to it. To find products with Revit files, you can do a product search and then find the 'Formats' filter on the left hand side. Here is a search for garage doors with Revit: https://www.modlar.com/search/products/format--revit/query/garage%20door . You will see Amarr Entrematic has a few options for you. Click on any of those products and then select 'Revit' under 'Downloads', click on the 'Download' button and a zipped file will start downloading. Once you have unzipped the file, you are ready to use it in Revit.