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WINLED Modlar Brand
Lacuna Duo 10W Bollard Lamp

The Lacuna Duo 10W bollard lamp provides beautiful illu...

WINLED Modlar Brand
Lacuna Solo 9W Bollard Lamp

The Lacuna Solo 9W bollard lamp is suitable for illumin...

WINLED Modlar Brand
Double Spectri Downlight

True to its name, the Double Spectri consists of two la...

WINLED Modlar Brand
Antlia 6W Downlight

The 6-watt Antlia creates a beautiful precise spotlight...

WINLED Modlar Brand
Donut 25W Pendant Lamp

Just add sprinkles! The dimmable Donut 25W hanging lamp...

WINLED Modlar Brand
Pearl Line 15W Pendant Lamp

Pearl Line 15W is a dimmable hanging lamp available in ...