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UniMac Modlar Brand
Heated Roll Ironers (Flatwork Finishers)

Our heated roll ironers are selected by small to medium ...

UniMac Modlar Brand
Light Commercial Dryers - UDE807*F

Light commercial dryers for small on-premise laundries. ...

UniMac Modlar Brand
Light Commercial Frontload Washers - UFNE5BJP113TW01

Energy efficient, ADA compliant light commercial frontlo...

UniMac Modlar Brand
Light Commercial Topload Washers

Light commercial topload washers are designed to meet th...

UniMac Modlar Brand
Regular Drying Tumblers

Energy efficient tumbler design requires lower air flow ...

UniMac Modlar Brand
High Performance Drying Tumblers - UT170

Super Fast Drying Capability (Save 20%) commercial dryin...

UniMac Modlar Brand
Washer-Extractors for Car Washes - Model UM 202

Designed to make your car wash operation easier and more...