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Lampa Modlar Brand
Pendant lamp spin

The Spin is our new pendant that comes in 10 gorgeous po...

Lampa Modlar Brand
Indirect light pendant lamp clover

A curvaceous yet naturally occurring light source in bea...

Lampa Modlar Brand
Indirect light pendant lamp mesa verde

A long graceful pendant with curved corners in beautiful...

Lampa Modlar Brand
Indirect Light Pendant Lamp - 'Cloud Mesa'

A large swirling pendant with curves in stunning, natura...

Lampa Modlar Brand
Megastar Chandelier

The celestial big brother to our Star Chandelier that co...

Lampa Modlar Brand
Supernova Chandelier

A modern expanding lightsource in a range of ever-explod...

Lampa Modlar Brand
Aluminum Pendant Lamp Crunch

Crunch is an organic new light source created with pre-w...