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Barrisol Modlar Brand
ELT3D® Stretch Ceiling

Our new Barrisol ELT 3D product range provides an exc...

Barrisol Modlar Brand
Marble Effect® Stretch Ceiling

Turn marble into a flexible and lightweight material wi...

Barrisol Modlar Brand
Barrisol Lighting Wall

Barrisol lighting wall is a wall that diffuses the ligh...

Barrisol Modlar Brand
Acoustic Light® Stretch Ceiling

The stretch ceiling Acoustic Light by Barrisol Wished ...

Barrisol Modlar Brand
Wood Effect® Stretch Ceiling

With less than 20 g/sqm for the printing, wood becomes ...

Barrisol Modlar Brand
Barrisol® Tradition Stretch Ceiling

The Barrisol Tradition stretch ceiling renovates and de...