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MAXITILE, Inc. was established in 1986 in California dedicating itself to the commercialisation and distribution of Fiber Cement Siding and Roofing products in the United States and Canada and we are a member of Elementia Group. The combination of imagination and innovation has kept us going strong for over 20 years. We are strongly committed to keep offering the best products and service, while maintaining the quality and Long-Lasting Durability that characterizes MAXITILE.

MAXITILE® Fiber Cement Siding and Roofing building products have all the beauty and charm of real wood with the long life and low maintenance of concrete materials. All of our products are non-combustible, insect resistant, will not rot or crack, providing added security to any home. Good looks, easy installation, sturdy composition and great value, it's pretty safe to say MAXITILE® has what you're looking for!

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