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You have decided to go to law school, and you are not sure whether to go to a public or private school. What seems as though it should be an easy decision may turn out to be more complicated than you first envisioned. Ultimately, the choice is influenced by factors such as finances, residency, and accreditation, not to mention your GPA and LSAT scores. Being a lawyer is all about knowing the facts, so make certain you get the information of persuasive essay topics you need to make decision.

It depends on the school, but private law schools are normally more expensive. For example, North Carolina Central University, a public law school, costs $18,007.63 per semester for the 2013-2014 year for out-of-state students. The private school, Duke University, costs $36,310.50 per semester for 2013-2014. The cost of attending a particular school depends on factors such as location, the prestige of the school, and the amount and types of financial aid available

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