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The scope of my experience includes supporting project architects and designers, creating conceptual designs, developing architectural drawings and plans, generating detailed construction drawings, and producing presentation packages including 2D and 3D renderings. I understand the nature of public and private architectural developments and building codes. In regards to construction administration, I am capable to review RFI's, CO, CD, submittals and shop drawings to coordinate these with the specifications while maintaining the integrity of the design. I also conduct site field observations and participate in onwer-architect-contractor meetings to monitor the progress of construction. In addition, I recognize the importance of project delivery methods and I presume to have experience on architectural software that may aid to deliver projects quicker and more coordinated.

Significant capabilities:
• Active participant as a team member and quick learner of new systems and procedures.
• Enthusiastic participant in design charrettes and architectural competitions.
• Excellent architectural design and problem solving skills and able to handle multiple projects and priorities.
• Remarkable organizational and visual communication skills, and capable to manage, coordinate and produce design and construction architectural drawings.
• Professional in 3D software, such as Revit Architecture and SketchUp programs, as well as, skillful with hand-drawn sketching and hand-rendering techniques.
• Fluent in Spanish with ample technical and professional vocabulary.

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