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Graduate of (BSc Hons) Architectural Design Technology (2:1) at the University of Wolverhampton... I'm a strong-minded individual of high aspirations and limitless motivation; since undertaking my personal discovery of Architecture and what it entails, I'm keen to push the limits and go to the end of the road and beyond.

Currently I'm looking to make industry connections and learn from contributors in my 'aspire to be'​ field of Architectural Design Technology. I know what I am good at, I know what I am not good at and will happily admit to those weakness if it means fixing them. As a new graduate, I do believe there is much I can bring to the industry once I'm granted the time and exposure. I'm confident in my ability to one day make full use of my education and experience.

Please feel free to address any questions to me via email @ [email protected] or visit my e-Portfolio for further information and contact details @

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