• AWS 112.IC Aluminium Window
  • AWS 112.IC Aluminium Window

AWS 112.IC Aluminium Window

Intus offers a wide variety of aluminum windows and doors to suit anyone's desired energy and design goals. Intus utilizes Schuco window and door profiles of which there are numerous designs to choose from. The benefits of aluminum profiles are numerous. Aluminum is a 100% recyclable material and use of aluminum windows and doors allows for earning LEED points. Various profile options including both narrow and wide profiles are available to meet ones architectural design goals. Aluminum windows and doors offer a high degree of strength, security, energy efficiency, minimal maintenance, and a very long product life. The aluminum window and door lines are thermally broken by the use of specially designed and located insulating foam thermal breaks. Passive House Certified.

Thermal performance: R=8.3*, Uw=0.120 * Btu/ (h.ft².F) with Ug=0.088* Btu/ (h.ft².F), Uf value o f 0.14* Btu/(h.ft²F)
Highest level of thermal insulation with basic depth of 4.41"
Face width of 4.65"
Super insulated profile with extra foam-filled bars on the exterior
Passive House certified assembly
Can be combined with ADS doors and curtain wall systems as an insert unit

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About the Brand

Intus Windows

Intus Windows offers three distinctive product lines:
Wood, Aluminum, and U-PVC. Each of these three lines offers the designer multiple choices of finishes and styles, as well as price selection.

Why Intus Windows?

Performance: Super energy-efficient and high performance windows, doors, and curtain walls.
Sustainability: One of the key responsibilities we have is to reduce our footprint through energy conservation and utilizing renewable energy. Our high performance products will help us to conserve a significant amount of energy that is otherwise being wasted each day.
Comfort: Every building should be comfortable to reside in. Our products will help building occupants achieve those comfort levels.
Style: Our state of the art products will enhance the style and curb appeal of any home, school, or high-rise building.
Intus Windows and the Empowerhouse Project: Intus Windows has joined the Empowerhouse Fellowship that is headed up by Parsons - The New School of Design, Stevens Institute of Technology, and Milano - The New School of Management and Urban Policy. The Empowerment mission is to design and build a cutting edge, low-income, Zero-Net, Habitat for Humanity duplex. This two-unit duplex will incorporate a Passive House standard that in part calls for extremely energy-efficient windows and doors. One of the two units of the duplex was entered into the Fall 2011 Solar Decathlon, held at the Nations Mall in Washington DC. The Empowerhouse team chose Intus Windows because Intus met the extreme standards dictated by the Solar Decathlon contest, as well as meeting the affordability section of the contest.
Intus Windows is very involved in the U.S. energy efficiency and sustainable living movement. We are big supporters of Passive House, the highest energy efficiency standard in buildings today.
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