Autodesk Revit 2025: New Features and Updates


Autodesk has released the latest version of Revit: Revit 2025.

This latest release contains bug fixes as well as new features, such as a new version of the Revit Home with the ability to access your cloud data. This has the potential to really speed up your workflow.

Have a look here:

Here is a breakdown of some of the exciting new features in the new Revit 2025 release:

  • Sheet Collections
  • Toposolid Enhancements
  • Disable/Enable Wall End Wrappings in Canvas
  • Batch Delete and Add to Library for Materials
  • Material Thumbnail Generator Improvement
  • Single-Phase within Three-phase Power Systems
  • Room Perimeter Accuracy Improvement
  • Dark Theme for Schedules and Panel Schedules

For a full review and in-depth look at these new features, we recommend heading over to our friends at BIMsmith to see their overview of what's new in Revit 2025.

What do you think of the new release?

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