4 Interior Design Trends We Will Continue to See in 2024


While trends like biophilia and minimalism continue to stand the test of time, what's popular in the interior design world keeps changing year by year. Let's look into some predictions of what will command the spotlight in 2024.

1. Wooden Walls and Ceilings

4 Interior Design Trends We Will Continue to See in 2024

House Dokka by Snøhetta - Photography by Robin Hayes

Wooden floors have been in high demand for centuries, but walls and ceilings have not always been proudly wood-covered. Wood slat walls have made a major comeback in recent years and we are starting to see more wood exposed in ceilings as well. Our prediction is that this trend will still be going strong in 2024.

Using materials that can be found in nature in interior spaces is good for the human brain, even better than the traditional biophilic method of putting as many plants in a room as possible. Wood ticks this box beautifully, so it's no wonder that this material is having a big moment.

2. Office Spaces That Feel More Like Home

4 Interior Design Trends We Will Continue to See in 2024

Amazon HQ2 Metropolitan Park by Gensler - Image Credit: gensler.com

As we've shared in this recent article about human-centric design, companies are having a hard time convincing workers to come back into the office. People have gotten used to working from home, and the lack of commute is not the only reason they have enjoyed working remotely.

This has led to the popularization of resimercial design, a strategy that incorporates residential features and aesthetics into a commercial space. Moving away from corporate aesthetics could make it easier for remote workers to transition back to the office.

Another way companies are trying to lure employees back is by providing high-quality amenities like gyms, coffee bars and even wellness spas, which leads us to the next trend.

3. In-Home Wellness Spaces

4 Interior Design Trends We Will Continue to See in 2024

Home Sanctuary by Barde vanVoltt - Image Credit: www.barde-vanvoltt.com

According to the Global Wellness Institute, the global wellness economy has recently grown to $5.6 trillion. That is a clear indication that people care about their health and well-being. People regularly visit local wellness businesses and even travel the globe for special wellness vacations. 2024 will likely see more people upgrade their homes to include wellness facilities so they don't even have to leave their houses.

A recent Dutch canal house renovation by Barde vanVoltt included the addition of a wellness spa in the attic. Commissioned as a place to unwind, the sanctuary features a sauna, lounge area and jacuzzi.

4. Arches

4 Interior Design Trends We Will Continue to See in 2024

55 North Bar by Luchetti Krelle - Photography by Tom Ferguson

We observed a growing number of arches popping up in interiors more than a year ago, but this trend appears to be evolving. No longer just a shape relegated to ceilings, windows and entryways, the arch can now be seen in mirrors, fireplaces, seating nooks, tables, showers, headboards... there is no limit.

We anticipate that the arch trend will continue to grow as people realise the full potential of this classic shape.

That concludes our four predictions for the trends that will continue to permeate the interior design scene in the next year.

  • People will continue to request wood for their walls and ceilings, hoping to capture the mental health benefits of biophilia while not being required to turn their indoor spaces into gardens.
  • More companies will do away with their fluorescent lighting, cubicles and uncomfortable seating to focus on creating more homely spaces for their employees.
  • At the same time, homeowners are bringing wellness amenities into their residences in their continued quest for wellness and wellbeing.
  • And lastly, the underappreciated classic arch shape will have its moment in the spotlight once more.

We can't wait to see what else this year will bring.

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