3 Pool Design Trends Clients are Looking for in 2023


With summer on the way, homeowners naturally turn their attention to their private outdoor spaces for alfresco living and entertainment. But what exactly are clients looking for when it comes to having a swimming pool in the garden? Here, we take a look at some of the biggest current trends in pool design.

1. Taking Inspiration from Mother Nature

3 Pool Design Trends Clients are Looking for in 2023

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Concern for the environment is growing and its impact is gradually being felt in all areas of life including private homes and gardens. Natural products and environmentally friendly materials are now favored as being both cleaner and healthier than the artificial versions previously available. From sustainable gardening practices that work in harmony with nature to pool designs that emulate the natural environment, the focus is now squarely on being in tune with the world around us. It's about bringing a touch of the Great Outdoors into domestic gardens.

When it comes to natural pool designs, using natural materials such as wood, stone pavers or decorative pebbles, and designing naturalistic waterfalls, fountains and similar water features, can give the entire garden a more organic feel and create a Zen-like environment for relaxation. Compared with conventional outdoor products made from concrete or stainless steel, man-made tiles or acrylic substances, the use of natural materials and finishes is the perfect way to add warmth, organic textures and unique visual interest.

Many homeowners take their inspiration from places they've visited, hoping to evoke the feel of an exotic beach, Japanese garden or remote woodland glade. "Maybe you're looking to recreate your own tropical hideaway inspired by a memorable holiday abroad, or perhaps you want to create that feeling of a five-star resort in your own home with spa detailing and a luxury feel," suggests one industry source. Natural pool designs can be utilized to successfully create the ambience of a pond, lake or lagoon as the perfect reminder of a favorite outdoor destination.

2. Prioritizing Sustainability

3 Pool Design Trends Clients are Looking for in 2023

In an effort to actively care for the environment, homeowners increasingly choose green options where available. In the case of private outdoor swimming pools, there's a keen drive towards reducing their impact on the environment by minimizing their carbon footprint.

This starts with the basic requirement for any pool: water. Depending on the exact pool size and design, filling it with water and maintaining the facility can add. Pool equipment designed to lower water consumption through more efficient water usage, water loss reduction features and rainwater collection are now being championed. Combined with poolside landscaping that uses native drought-tolerant planting that requires less water, it is possible to significantly reduce water consumption in the garden.

Lowering the carbon footprint of a domestic pool can be achieved in many ways: using solar panels that power water features and pool accessories, energy-saving outdoor LED lighting, and thermal solar pool covers that are great at retaining the heat within while keeping heating bills low.

3. Embracing Alfresco Living

3 Pool Design Trends Clients are Looking for in 2023

Over the last few years, there's been a marked change in how we see our homes and how much we value private outdoor spaces. Perhaps we have the pandemic, the various lockdowns and the proliferation of home working to thank for that. 

Outdoor living is now the extension of indoor living. We are not only bringing the outside in, we're also taking the inside out! Garden rooms and lounge areas, sheltered seating under pergolas, outdoor kitchens, bars and BBQ stations, pool areas and much more are among the multitude of creative ways to embrace alfresco living, socializing, entertaining and relaxing at home. The right pool design can take family leisure time and garden parties to the next level, or recreate a luxury spa experience at home, complete with water features, hot tub, plunge pool and sun deck!

Designing for Lifestyle and Happiness

It won't come as a surprise to hear that these current trends for outdoor pool designs form part of a wider trend for creating lifestyle gardens. Private gardens, large or small, are being rediscovered as spaces for enjoyment and happiness, for physical and mental wellbeing, for socializing and having fun. With fast-paced lifestyles often leading to stress, anxiety, burnout and more serious health issues, a garden with a pool can be the perfect antidote to help us all to slow down, destress and relax.

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