10 Best YouTube Accounts to Follow for Design Inspiration


YouTube is the world's second-most visited website, with over 14 billion visits every month, meaning it far exceeds the likes of Instagram, Amazon and Wikipedia. When you want to learn a new skill, find a recipe for dinner or learn what the latest fashion trends are, you can guarantee you'll find the information on YouTube. 

And when it comes to interior design, it's no exception. From maintaining a home to renovations and DIY projects to making a property more unique, there are countless great design accounts to choose from.

Here are some of the most popular channels designers should check out for inspiration. 

10 Best YouTube Accounts to Follow for Design Inspiration

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy is one of the best-known channels for home and decor, and has been listed by the likes of TIME, Forbes and The Daily Telegraph. Launched by Maxwell Ryan in 2004, it's gone on to become the go-to spot for inspiration and clever styling ideas, from renter-friendly interior solutions to maximizing your living space in a smaller property. If you want creative home tours, gardening advice or DIY ideas, Apartment Therapy's short and snappy videos are the perfect choice. 

Studio McGee

Husband and wife duo Studio McGee have been taking the interior design world by storm for years now with their farmhouse-inspired interiors and blend of classic and contemporary styling projects. Their channel is packed with creative design tips as well as an insight into their Pinterest-worthy home renovation journey. 

Arvin Olano

A relative newcomer to the world of YouTube interiors channels is Arvin Olano, who only launched his eponymous channel in 2020 but already has over 370k subscribers. Based in Las Vegas, he has a background in luxury fashion but now works on his channel full-time. That luxury fashion experience transfers into his interior design projects, with creative ways to get the same aesthetic on a budget. If you're looking for decor trends, product recommendations and tips on a luxury look for less, Olano's channel is ideal.

Alexandra Gater

Alexandra Gater is a Toronto-based YouTuber out to prove you don't need to buy a property to make it your own, with a host of videos helping renters make the most of their apartments with clever hacks and space-saving ideas. Gater used to work as an editor for Chatelaine magazine and now works on her channel full-time, with her work featured in Architectural Digest, Domino Magazine and The Rachael Ray Show. Her makeovers are practical, affordable and perfect for rented spaces short on space, providing interior designers with plenty of inspiration for client projects. 

Mr Kate

Mr Kate is a funny and highly skilled DIYer with the ability to turn her hand to anything interior design-related and transform it into something truly special. Her videos span a range of design topics, but her most popular series is arguably 'OMG we're coming over', where Mr Kate and her team make over the space of other people to turn it into the room of their dreams, whether it's an office, a bedroom or a stylish bathroom. But most of all, Mr Kate's personality is what really comes through in her videos and you'll not only be inspired but also entertained by her content. 

Architectural Digest

On the sophisticated side of YouTube, you'll find Architectural Digest, which celebrates international design talent, innovative interiors, and culture. Initially launched as a quarterly trade magazine in 1920, Architectural Digest now publishes nine international editions and has a YouTube channel with over nearly 6 million subscribers. As the authority on great taste and design, it's the ideal channel to watch to learn about everything from how certain trends have evolved to how different designers tackle the same project for unique and creative outcomes. 

Nick Lewis

Whatever interior design question you might be pondering, Nick Lewis is sure to have the answer. His channel is a series of honest takes on the latest interior design trends and those that have been and gone, with a focus on how to make a home look timeless and stylish so viewers aren't wasting their budgets on fleeting trends. Lewis' videos are always insightful yet entertaining, and it's easy to see why he's built such a loyal following who look forward to hearing his expert views on interior design. 

XO, MaCenna

MaCenna is an enthusiastic designer with a gift for transforming thrifted finds into something truly special. Her videos range from turning secondhand items into something new and stylish to her renovation journey turning a cottage into the home of her dreams. With a classic style that is elegant and timeless, her videos are guaranteed to provide plenty of inspiration for your own client projects, especially when tackling design on an older property that needs to be tastefully brought into the modern age. 

Daniel Titchener

A British architect living and working in Vancouver, Canada, Daniel Titchener exudes passion for design and wellness. With video topics ranging from minimalist apartments and interiors advice to Japandi-inspired home refurbishments, his channel is a great resource for where to splurge, where to save and how to achieve a luxe look with a client design project. In particular, his content showing redesign projects for others is a great source of creative ideas. 

Reynard Lowell

Reynard Lowell is an Australian-based design enthusiast sharing decorating tips, ideas and apartment makeovers. From how to buy furniture to the right color palette for a room, his content is informative and sure to improve a space. Lowell's channel also covers common mistakes to avoid, organizational tips and hacks, and home project transformations that you can take into your own client projects. 

10 Best YouTube Accounts to Follow for Design Inspiration

YouTube is a fantastic place for gathering design inspiration, whether it's for a commercial space, a client project or as a way of staying up to date with the latest trends, with a vast array of DIY projects, innovative ideas and creative solutions to maximize space at your perusal.

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