Commercial Interior Design: 5 Latest Tech Innovations


Technology has completely transformed the world we live in. From video calls with friends halfway around the world to ordering a three-course meal to your door without uttering a word, we are truly living in the digital age. This has had a huge effect on industries across the board, including commercial interior design.

The process of creating aesthetic spaces - along with the spaces themselves - has evolved alongside technology at breakneck speed. Whether you're a designer, a client, or simply have a keen interest in interiors, it's important to stay ahead of the technological curve. To help you out, we've put together some of the latest tech innovations that are transforming the world of commercial interior design, changing the spaces we create forever.

1. Digital Twin Building Monitoring

Commercial Interior Design: 5 Latest Tech Innovations

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When creating a commercial space, you need to consider the longevity of your building. An innovative way to give your client peace of mind and fulfil your brief is by incorporating a digital twin. This clever piece of technology works by installing sensors throughout the space, which constantly monitor and record data from the building. 

The result is real-time information on the health of the space, providing invaluable insights into the infrastructure. If there's a blockage in the plumbing system, ventilation systems are working incorrectly or there's a leak in the roof, the digital twin informs the property manager quickly. Minor problems can be corrected before they turn into major issues, and the longevity of the building is greatly improved.

Infrastructure isn't all that digital twins help with: the sensors can also simulate scenarios before they happen. You can test out an earthquake, flooding or large crowds of people on your building to see how it will fare. It's stress testing that gives you plenty of time to prepare.

2. Smart Technology

The rise of smart technology has created more demand for interiors that are already plugged into tech - or at least ready for it.

Many clients will ask for technology that makes their spaces more sustainable and energy-efficient. This could mean installing smart energy meters, smart thermostats, and motion-activated lighting. They may also use tech to improve the customer experience. Contactless payment systems, such as SumUp's card reader, are a must-have in many commercial spaces, as are self-service areas. 

As clients become more familiar with smart technology, there's a higher expectation that designers will already know them. If you don't stay on top of the latest innovations, you risk falling behind.

3. Noise Reduction Technology

Commercial Interior Design: 5 Latest Tech Innovations

In some commercial spaces, like spas, music venues, and offices, designers must consider sound in their plans. Particularly in urban areas, incorporating noise reduction technology into the building is a great way to improve the functionality of the space and keep the client happy. Some of the most exciting innovations include:

Graphene Foam

Researchers at the University of Adelaide have constructed a soundproofing foam that absorbs around 60% more sound than current products on the market. Lightweight, durable, and better at resisting fire, this absorbent foam could be the answer to urban disruption.


At Boston University, a new material has been invented that allows both air and light to permeate it but blocks noise. Rather than absorbing sound, the circular shells redirect soundwaves back to where they came from. Potentially, metamaterial could be used to create entire soundproof walls and floors.

Soundproof Blinds

Soundproof blinds are being used in both residential and commercial spaces to block noise. An easy and stylish answer to noise pollution, they're becoming a popular choice for interior designers. The blinds are created from sound-absorbing materials that reduce outside noise and decrease echoing inside the building, too.

Noise Cancelling Glass

Working in the same way as noise cancelling headphones, noise cancelling glass created at Nanyang Technological University can neutralise sound using different frequencies. A microphone detects noise outside, and a number of tiny speakers omit a frequency to cancel out any sound automatically. Potentially, this glass could reduce noise by up to 50%, creating much quieter commercial spaces. 

4. Privacy Glass

Privacy glass - or smart glass, as it's also known - is a contemporary solution to curtains and blinds. Rather than pulling down the shades, the client can flick a switch or press a button that frosts the glass, turning it from transparent to opaque. Not only is this far sleeker than chunky curtains or blinds, but it also gives the client more control. They can choose how much light is allowed into their building, from partial sunlight to full blackouts. 

Privacy glass can also have thermal and noise-reducing benefits. Create a more energy-efficient, comfortable environment that's easier to control.

5. Access Control Security

Commercial Interior Design: 5 Latest Tech Innovations

In many commercial spaces, monitoring who's coming in and out of the building is a must. But key cards and fobs are no longer the best options, and installing these mechanisms in your interior could lead to it becoming outdated in just a few years. Instead, look at mobile-first access control.

This innovative system allows staff and guests to store their credentials on their phones. When entering the building, they simply have to trigger a motion detector, and wireless connections will detect the credentials. They don't need to do anything on their mobile or even take it out of their pocket, making for a seamless security experience.

We're currently watching the world change at lightning speed, with technology constantly evolving the way we live, communicate, and work. If you're in the world of interior design, it's vital you keep up with the latest digital innovations in the industry.

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