7 Ways a Good Architect Can Add Value


As an architect, you are an expert with advanced drawing skills and have the potential to create innovative, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing spaces. Here are 7 compelling arguments on why homeowners should hire you to add value to their house:

1. Architects give kitchens a modern look

7 Ways a Good Architect Can Add Value

Upper East Side Townhouse by Michael K Chen Architecture

The value of any home is first seen in the kitchen. Architects know that when doing home improvements, 5% should be spent on making this space spectacular because it is the room that sells the house. Suppose a client wants to spend $300,000 on home improvements, and they should set aside about $15,000 for kitchen remodeling. Some of the ideas that can be incorporated to add value to any home include the addition of a kitchen island, creating an open concept that will make it easier to entertain as we upgrade the kitchen's countertop. Remodeling can also be centered on the flooring and implementing ready to assemble cabinets to give the house that modern feel.

2. Architects improve lighting to attract buyers

7 Ways a Good Architect Can Add Value

OZ Residence by Stanley Saitowitz Natoma Architects

Nothing is more appealing like a house with lots of natural lighting. Such a house gives a great ambience to a home. With so many people spending their time at home because they work remotely, a good architect will take their time to design a home that relies on natural lighting. The reasons why lighting adds value to a home is because:

  • It saves on energy such that a homeowner eliminates or reduces the use of bulbs, air conditioning, and heating.
  • Natural lighting improves people's productivity, makes them healthier, and happier.
  • It reduces the growth of harmful organisms and bacteria at home.

3. Architects care about designs

A good architect will understand the value of the house that any person would want to add to their home and help them bring it to fruition. While some home renovation projects can devalue any house, an architect will ensure that the quality is high. Architects are familiar will additions that you can incorporate to appreciate the property value and will endeavor to give their clients just that.

4. Architects help clients save money

7 Ways a Good Architect Can Add Value

Architects will help clients get value for their money. With renovations being expensive, an architect will come up with designs that are cost-effective that still makes houses look stylish. They will ensure that clients get the best value at lower prices. Importantly, they also have connections with market suppliers and will use that to help their clients get the best deals. For this reason, they always are open to bargaining the client's budget to see how much they can afford so they can start planning.  

5. Architects leverage technology

While every client may have a design in their head, an architect will create a dream home and present it in an uncomplicated and clear way. Professionals will present designs in 3D dimensions and use virtual reality models to show how the house will look like. The ability to see those structural features will enable clients to make improvements to the home design in order to make it perfect and avoid having to make any changes once the house begins construction.


6. Architects use space in an innovative way

7 Ways a Good Architect Can Add Value

Downtown Loft by Bushman Dreyfus Architects

A good architect is the one who makes use of space in the house creatively. Sometimes people may wish to renovate but waste a lot of tiny spaces by claiming they are not useful. Well, an architect sees potential in everything and will create beautiful illusions from these areas. They also possess a creative mind that will exceed expectations.

7. Architects are familiar with the planning system

Architects have long-standing partnerships with local planners. They will utilize these relationships to make clients understand whether the plans will work and fit any renovation. It is essential to have someone familiar with the local planning system regardless of the project size. Having an architect will also save clients from getting into trouble with the local planning authorities.


Working with an architect is the best thing that any future or current homeowner can do. They will not only save clients time and money but add significant value to their property. While most people think that hiring an architect is an expensive affair, in reality, it is not.

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