The Top Window Trends Interior Designers Should Watch For


As an interior designer, one of your main responsibilities is to stay up to date with the latest in home design trends. From what's trending on social media, to what designers all over the world are creating, you have a lot that you need to keep up with. And depending on what kind of interior design you specialize in, you may need to pay attention to different aspects of interior design. With that being said, however, no matter your area of expertise when it comes to interior design, all homes have windows, so it's important you are up to date on the latest trends in window design.

Windows are one of the most crucial aspects of a room. Windows not only dictate how much light and fresh air a space can get, but they also offer aesthetic value. In recent years, more and more people have been gravitating towards unique windows that add to the appearance of their interior. Instead of traditional windows with standard window panes, people are installing various window shapes, purchasing authentic window coverings and treatments, and adding their own unique touch to an otherwise bland window. 

Since almost every room has at least one window in standard homes and buildings, you should know some of the hottest window trends to recommend to clients to enhance their space. Below are 6 window trends to try to incorporate into your future interior design work projects.

1. Black Window Frames

The Top Window Trends Interior Designers Should Watch For

Dolunay Villa by Foster + Partners

Black window frames are a gorgeous aesthetic choice to recommend to clients that want their space to look luxurious and chic. Instead of classic white or neutral colored window frames, suggest that your client picks black. Black frames are authentic, yet not obnoxious and pair great with white hues in the rest of the space. Many people choose to get black window frames in their bedroom, family room, and surprisingly, their kitchen. These 3 rooms offer themselves nicely to feature black and white hues in a modern farmhouse type of way.

Pro tip: Consider suggesting painting the window frames matte black instead of a glossy black to truly make the windows one of the focal points of the space.

2. Integral Blinds

The Top Window Trends Interior Designers Should Watch For

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Windows with internal blinds, or integral blinds, are a popular trend in window coverings as they are more durable, easy to operate, and attractive. Integral blinds are a popular choice in family and living room areas, or rooms that get an ample amount of sunlight. Because the blinds are in between two pieces of glass, they are more durable and will last longer than standard blinds. There are various colors and styles of these blinds, allowing you to help your client choose the ones that are best for their space.

Pro tip: It will be worth your while to suggest these kinds of blinds to homeowners with children and pets, as the children and pets will not be able to destroy these blinds.

3. High-End Wood

The Top Window Trends Interior Designers Should Watch For

Contemporary Barn Residence by Bushman Dreyfus Architects

Most window frames are made from pine. Though pine is traditional and classic looking, you may want to consider high-end wood for the next space you design. Some high-end wood to consider for your next project includes:

  • White Oak
  • Mahogany
  • Cedar
  • Maple 

High-end wood will create a clean and modern look to windows and will make a space look more elegant.

Pro tip: Help your client find furniture that is made of the same kind of wood as the windows, this will create a fine-furniture feel. 

4. Arches

The Top Window Trends Interior Designers Should Watch For

Charleston Penthouse by Monique Gibson

As an interior designer, you should be familiar with the different kinds of window shapes that people are incorporating into their homes. Arches are one of the most popular shapes in window design right now as they make a space look vintage and/or classic. Arched windows were a popular trend in the early-mid 1900s. In the late 1900s, designers began integrating square shapes into almost every home; however, now designers are making the switch back to the more classic architectural widow style- the arch. 

Pro tip: Arched windows look especially great in the front of homes, such as in offices and family rooms that face the front exterior of the home.

5. Window Walls

The Top Window Trends Interior Designers Should Watch For

Shaw House by Patkau Architects

Many interior designers are creating window walls in their client's homes. Designers are replacing entire walls with large window panels, allowing the room to look bigger and brighter, while also allowing the homeowner to feel at one with nature. Though a window wall is no easy interior design project, a window wall is worth it in the end as it can completely transform the aesthetic of a space to make it even more gorgeous.

Pro tip: Let your client know that a window wall can drastically add to the resale value of the home; he or she may be keener on installing this widow marvel. 

6. Stained Glass

The Top Window Trends Interior Designers Should Watch For

Winsomere Crescent Residence by Dorrington Atcheson Architects

Stained glass is another window trend that is coming back in style. Stained glass windows are one of the oldest styles of windows, and are best known for being found in churches and medieval homes. Stained glass windows can totally transform a space, adding to not only the way the room looks but also the way it feels. Stained glass windows are particularly popular in offices, kitchens, and family rooms, and are often the topic of conversation for new guests in the space.

Pro tip: Help your client choose the design of their new stained glass window based on the room and the feeling the client is trying to convey. For example, suggesting a stained glass window that features a wine bottle and fruit if you are helping design a kitchen. 

As you work with more and more clients this year, keep these window trends in the back of your mind. Based on the style and feel of a space, you will be able to choose the window that best fits your client's wants and needs. As stated earlier, all homes have windows, so as an interior designer, you should make it a point to stay up to date with the latest window trends.

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The Top Window Trends Interior Designers Should Watch For

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