What Will Smart Homes Look Like in 10 Years


The demand for smart home technology continues to go up as people become aware of the benefits of such technology. With this tech, homeowners have complete control of home appliances such as lights, thermostats, and doors using smartphones via an internet connection. Smart home technology is convenient, cost-effective, secure as well as energy-efficient and flexible to use.

The best time to automate a house is during a home remodeling project. Why is this the ideal time? A home addition project gives clients a chance to see things in a different light and contractors are often the best people to make adjustments so that you can leverage smart home technology devices. If you are designing a house in 2020, you may want to include trending smart home technology devices to achieve the comfort that clients desire.

Among the top appliances you should consider include:

Assisted voice technology

What Will Smart Homes Look Like in 10 Years

In 2020, developers are proving to have ramped-up their tech tools to help  automate homes. Voice assisted technology such as Siri, Google Home, and Alexa are among the top-selling smart home items this year. But, what is a smart home assistant? This is a software that can communicate with you audibly and respond when you give it a command. Voice-assisted technology can communicate with various devices in homes including your laptop or computer, smartphone and other equipment.

Apart from these devices, voice-assisted technology can be integrated into  smart toilets and smart light bulbs, so that people gain full control of their home.

Smart thermostat

Like the voice assistant, smart thermostats are also trending in 2020. You can use these thermostats to control air conditioning and home heating. Smart thermostats perform the same function as programmable thermostats by allowing you to control the temperature in your home using a particular schedule. The reason why these thermostats are on-trend is because they are upgraded and now have additional features such as Wi-Fi connectivity options as well as sensors. Smart thermostats can also take records of outdoor and indoor temperature while the HVAC system runs. Additionally, they can check if air filters get old and need replacement. 

August Wi-Fi smart locks

What Will Smart Homes Look Like in 10 Years

If security is an issue, you should get the Wi-Fi smart lock. This electromechanical lock performs the normal function of locking and unlocking doors. However, it has been improved to take commands from an authorized device via a wireless connection. While the ordinary lock requires a physical key, smart locks open using a configured key fob or smartphone. Additionally, a third party can also be added. People can send a virtual key to someone so that they can open the door at a specified time.

Smart light switch

This device works to control the lighting in homes and is connected to a smartphone app. A smart light switch is the ideal way to control more than one bulb. The benefits of having these devices include:

  • The ability to turn the lights on/off remotely 
  • The convenience of switching lights on/off or dimming them ease
  • Enhanced flexibility because they work efficiently with your home network

Smart bulbs

What Will Smart Homes Look Like in 10 Years

Smart bulbs have also become increasingly popular in 2020. These bulbs are versatile because they can be used along with other fixtures. You can install them on lamps and other light fixtures. Smart bulbs can be controlled by mobile apps, Bluetooth, or voice. The advantage of this automated lighting is that they come in a broad range of colors and are easy to install.


The rise of the integration of smartphones to home appliances is the reason why smart home technology is becoming popular among people. In 2020, developers have gone the extra mile to create cutting-edge solutions that are not only cool but more efficient. The devices discussed above are just the tip of the iceberg among appliances trending this year.

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