7 Trends in Landscape Architecture


The appearance of your business' landscape can be a hit or miss for potential customers. Inconvenience can cause consumers to look to competitors if the landscape around a business or community area is poorly kept or appears to be inaccessible. Just like the front or backyard of any home, you should consider designing landscapes to be more inviting. 

Of course, the clearest invite is the cleanliness of the landscape. Landscapes with regular maintenance display a sense of respect for customers. The next cue that shows an inviting landscape is how convenient it is to move about the landscape. There should be a balance between aesthetic and necessity. 

To find that balance, we'll go over seven landscaping trends used in commercial and community landscapes.

Efficient and Aesthetic Drainage

7 Trends in Landscape Architecture

Marina One Concept by Ingenhoven Architects

The key to effective landscape management is drainage. Without it, expect commercial and community landscape damage. Drainage prevents erosion, soil scarring, compaction, and flooding. There are many different types of drains to choose from, here are some viable options:

  • Channel Drainage - Their thin design is versatile. This type of drainage system is a surface drainage type that's ideal for pool decks, rooftop decks, and patios of any material type. Channel drainage comes with a grate that fits on the top of the structure to filter out large debris. It's like a trench and most likely used in combination with French drainage systems. 
  • French Drain - This is a common type of drainage used mainly in residential gardens and landscapes. Landscapers use two types of pipes for these types of drainage. The most common is the flexible, black plastic pipes, and the other type is PVC pipes. Although piping can be used on the surface, French drains are usually installed underground (also identified as sub-surface drainage). Some drainage pipes come with gravel rock enclosed around the pipe, so the handler won't have to pour gravel around the pipe. They're likely to be more expensive than the regular black plastic pipes. 
  • Stone Drainage - The most aesthetic surface drainage system uses river rocks, flat flagstone walkways, rubble rock, or other types of material that can sustain a prolonged water presence. Consider using gravel stones (Football sized rocks) on inclined areas to prevent muddy washouts during heavy rain. Rock or stone surface drainage is a more natural approach to get water to move to one location to the other. 

Change the Atmosphere with Rooftop Decking

7 Trends in Landscape Architecture

The Press Lounge at Ink 48 Hotel

Big cities are often devoid of landscape architecture. Utilize the space available and invest in rooftop decking. Rooftop decking allows you to reimagine different themes in an urban setting. Go with a beach vacation theme and transition modified wood flooring with an open center where a beach lover can rest their feet in sand. Or perhaps, an Oriental theme with a Zen garden surrounded by modified wood flooring. The idea is to make the rooftop appear in a different atmosphere.

Community Bench Designs

7 Trends in Landscape Architecture

Container Park by ATOLYE Labs

What better way to care for a customer than to give them a place to socialize and rest. Something as simple as a community bench can work as a miniature bridge to connect to neighbors. It's a symbol of welcoming. They are a must for commercial areas. However, choose the community bench designs carefully. Simple designs are better for smaller spaces, but unique areas may call for a more complex commercial outdoor bench seating design.

Sustain the Landscape with Colorful Plants

7 Trends in Landscape Architecture

Zighizaghi Park by OFL Architecture

Just like residential landscapes, commercial areas require the right plants to be vibrant. Choose plants that will produce color all year long and invest in annuals and perennials flowers. Sustain the landscape with ground cover twice a year to maintain a fresh look and to avoid the rush of landscape cosmetics. Be sure to include trees like Maple and Oak trees, and don’t forget the evergreen grasses and shrubs. 

Utilize Aquatic Displays

7 Trends in Landscape Architecture

Caesars Palace Las Vegas - Forum Shops Fountain

Fountains, springs, and streams bring a serene ambiance to the area. Aquatic displays are likely run by a pumping system that allows the water to continuously circulate. Most water features in a landscape are natural. If a commercial landscape is without a neighboring body of water, take advantage of utilizing aquatic displays. 

How Lighting Can Improve Commercial Landscapes

7 Trends in Landscape Architecture

One&Only Royal Mirage by WATG

Depending on what sits on the landscape in commercial areas, lighting is important. Most commercial areas need lighting to give their landscape twilight scenery. Even though the colors of plants aren’t seen as much, lighting brings a unique vibrance to a landscape. Lighting is key on rooftop decking. Effective lighting sets the mood of the atmosphere. Research angles to get the best out of an investment. 

When to Use A Pergola

Put an exotic spin to rooftop decking or landscapes around commercial areas with Pergolas. These structures complement any decking area. Many residences have vines to make it a natural decorative wonder which works in commercial settings as well. Pergolas come in different sizes and serve different purposes. Find a pergola that works best for whatever project is on the agenda. 

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