Welcome to the Future of Light: How Tech Is Changing Lighting Design


A room's atmosphere can be both made and ruined by its lighting. Functionality and aesthetics are two aspects of good lighting design that are often difficult to coherently blend together. With LED light being a large consumer of energy resources, it is important to actively pay attention to cultivating a sense of efficiency and sustainability, while also preserving excellence in design. 

On a recent episode of The Modern Architect, we welcomed Drew Goldman, Senior Lighting Designer and VP of PureEdge Lighting. Goldman's extensive work in innovative LED lighting has led his firm to become the U.S. Department of Energy's "Best in Class," an honor that highlights their adherence to guidelines and ability to create spaces that are both beautiful and sustainable.

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Welcome to the Future of Light: How Tech Is Changing Lighting Design

TruLine 1A and Cirrus with In/Out Connector by PureEdge Lighting

PureEdge Lighting works to merge the individual missions of Pure Lighting and Edge Lighting by incorporating personalization and superior architectural acumen to their projects. Their wide-ranging portfolio flawlessly blends modern aesthetics with remarkable craftsmanship to make for lighting that truly redefines the essence of any given room. As an industry leader, PureEdge is entirely committed to ensuring the proper design and execution of a project. Their dedication to quality has allowed them to develop lasting and close relationships with their clients. 

“When you walk into a room, your eye is naturally drawn to the brightest thing.”

As a designer and vice president, Drew Goldman actively works to provide design insight to his clients and coworkers. He explains that optimal lighting can manifest in many different ways as each space is unique. Working in concurrence with other parts of the architectural process is important for the aura of a room and ensures that lighting doesn’t become an afterthought. 

In this interview, Goldman expresses that changing technology is allowing for increased interaction with lighting through color temperature and saturation. While it is easy to identify the color scheme of a lighting fixture, understanding the color rendering is an entirely different component of this interaction. How objects are rendered via the apparent color takes the sophistication of lighting design to another level.

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Welcome to the Future of Light: How Tech Is Changing Lighting Design

Delta Airlines Business Lounge by PureEdge Lighting

While PureEdge Lighting has been taking the industry by storm through their exceptional design tools, they are also actively working to lead to efficient energy expenditure. Their products are designed and then strategically placed together in a manner that supports ultimate sustainability. Proper lighting can encourage productivity and elevated mood explains Goldman. Its importance in everyday life should be regarded highly, understood more intently, and integrated deeply into as many structures as possible. 

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