How to Turn Your Career As an Architect Into an Architectural Consultant


As consulting and professional services grow exponentially as an industry, they serve to truly capture the interest of all fields. Their evident growth is possible because of the one thing that every business has in common: the desire to improve. In fact, consulting within the architecture industry is flourishing as design becomes more competitive and firm billings see the fastest growth pace of the year, according to the American Institute of Architects. 

At Pollack Consulting, established by Architect and Principal, Richard Pollack, the company’s primary business goal is to accommodate the varying needs of their clientele on a consistent basis. This expertise ranges from interior design consultation to addressing standard architectural issues to developing intricate engineering. The Modern Architect radio show and podcast recently welcomed Pollack for a discussion regarding consulting within the architecture industry and how to pivot your career from architect to architectural consultant. 

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After founding Pollack Architecture in 1985, Richard Pollack went on to establish an impressive portfolio across multi-disciplinary design. Though he sold his 50-person firm in 2012, Pollack’s work within the field was not quite finished. Pollack Consulting took shape and now encompasses a variety of different service offerings such as the consultation of construction, furniture, engineering, and project management. With a diverse background in architecture, Pollack holds many distinguished certifications such as the NCARB certification and has been a recognized speaker at many elite conventions. He has also been awarded IIDA’s Leadership Award of Excellence and CoreNet Global’s 2015 Service Provider of the Year. 

From the varying services that Pollack Consulting offers, business planning and marketing are just a few of its focuses. His firm works to develop strategic business plans that can achieve tangible results for clients. From increasing efficiency within employee structures to improving banking relationships and augmenting financing, Pollack is able to hone his previous skills and also ensure excellence for his clients’ projects. 

Some notable results that firms have achieved after consultancy include revenue increase, more effective staff, and improved marketplace position. In an industry that is perpetually changing in almost every regard, these results can be difficult to accomplish without outsourcing. Through the work of Pollack Consulting, architecture and design firms are able to receive incredible advisory services and general risk management. 

Listen to the interview here to learn advice from Pollack. 

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How to Turn Your Career As an Architect Into an Architectural Consultant

Richard Pollack, architect and Principal at Pollack Consulting

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