What are the challenges to all-wood high rise buildings

High-rise wood buildings are becoming quite popular around the world. What are the building codes that have be adhered to in US? I think a major challenge would be fire safety since it's all wood.
What are the challenges to all-wood high rise buildings

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George, Architectural Draftsperson • 2016

George - Arch Designer: Structural Wood Beams, Trusses, Columns, Girders have been historically used for building even before Steel. Wood Members must be treated with Fire Resistant Retardants that are preferably "Green", or creating a petrified surface, as to support weight.

Colin, Architect • 2016

Large dimension solid timber structures are actually quite fire reisistant and generally treated favorably in the IBC.

Geoff, Architect Office - Other • 2016

look at this article I have just found - http://www.rethinkwood.com/sites/default/files/Multi-Story-Wood-Construction.pdf

jesse-tech - there is a differential movement calculator available from the Structural Timber Association - http://www.structuraltimber.co.uk/

Jesse • 2016

Wood is a living material. It is not static like concrete as it changes with its environment. When considering building higher than 2 storeys the shrinkage of wood over time is a considerable factor. Especially when solid elements like steel or concrete are involved. Vertical members don't change much but all pieces of timber on the flat are subject to change. Off hand I don't know the ratios but it is enough to have to consider how your building will settle around column posts or lift shafts, especially when designing low slope roofs or drainage points.