Are these the under sides of steel roofing

I like the look of the roofing and it blends well with the other elements in the house.
Are these the under sides of steel roofing

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William, Architect • 2016

shawn.cooper is correct. Another manufacturer is Epicore ( The product shown in this home appears to be perforated for better acoustical performance (a thin layer of acoustical insulation separates the steel from the poured concrete. The steel can be left shiny as shown, primed for field painting, or you can attach gypsum board for a traditional appearance.

Shawn • 2016

If you are referring to the main ceiling area, this is steel formwork decking used when pouring concrete slabs. Depending on which country you are in the name will change - but this is the stuff basically:

Andrew • 2016

Look at a Jim Jennings house in Palm Springs if you want to see one of the prettiest ceilings!

shaun, Architect • 2016

Insualte above...inveeted warm them here in Ireland....cold and wet

James, Architect • 2016

Yes it looks like they are the undersides of the code pressed purlins used for the roof construction.

It's a pretty fun thing to leave exposed, however would only work in a hot climate, as it doesn't leave much (if any) room for insulation!