Introducing prsnt

Professional looking mood boards, fast!

Modlar's team has discovered this great online design tool, prsnt (as in, to present something). It makes it really easy for you to create visually appealing mood boards in a fraction of the time it takes when using InDesign, Powerpoint or Photoshop.

We've decided to partner with prsnt so we can offer it to the Modlar community. We think you will really like it.

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prsnt makes saving images directly from Modlar - or any web page - and adding them to mood boards super fast and easy. The results will look amazing.

Make A Mood Board

Save Images

prsnt's Chrome Web-Clipper plugin enables you to save any image from Modlar or any website directly into your prsnt mood board project. Images retain an embedded link to the source you saved it from.

Quick Layout Mode

Drag 'n drop your saved images onto a page. Quick layout optimally arranges them in a grid format as you add more images to the page.

You can adjust the grid and/or edit images to customize the page.

Freeform Mode

Freedom layout lets you place, overlap and size your images however you want. You can even remove a single image's background to create layered composite images and collages.


Every prsnt page can be customized. Fine tune grid lines and page borders. Crop, pan & zoom, rotate, flip & mirror images. Add captions, text boxes and call-out annotations. Add your firm logo, choose display fonts and title formatting options.

We're excited for you to give prsnt a try. Click below to sign up for a free account and when you are ready, upgrade to one of their paid or team accounts.

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