S04 Episode 37: Justin Shubow

President of the National Civic Art Society
The Modern Architect

In this episode of The Modern Architect, Tom talks to Justin Shubow, President of the National Civic Art Society, a non-profit organisation head-quartered in Washington, DC.

S04 Episode 37: Justin Shubow

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rak, Architectural Draftsperson • 2019

In 1990's, there was a strong effluence at school curriculum with emphasis on following the modern architecture - 'form follows function', however, as a student, I always wondered why Eiffel tower has seized its function as a pylon but still remains as the icon of Paris. Why many choose to restore and drive classic cars even though there are many modern vehicles equipped with latest technology. There seems to be an innate nature of humans toward beauty. I found that also, we are hard wired with a human face; many judge the car how they look by looking at the front part in relation to the size and the shape of headlights (eye) and grille (nose). The other thing I like to mention is that we often find many architects only knows architecture, however, there are many communities with people from different walks of life. One man insists on the use of the community building does not make sense. It may be like the kitchen designed by the person who never cooks. Thank you Mr. Shubow.