BIM content seems to be missing

Hi, I did a search for BIM fan objects (i.e ArchiCAD), and this propped up - andeven has a ' 'BIM' logo on the image preview - yet there is no BIM content in the download. Where can I find the ArchiCAD 3D model?

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Answers (3)

Mike, Modlar Administrator • 2016

Sorry about that. Let us know if there's anything else you may need.

Paul, Architect • 2016

Hi Cooper, sadly that alternative was not what i was after. Was looking for a bathroom 'fanlight' (combination extract and light fitting, recessed into ceiling)

Mike, Modlar Administrator • 2016

Hi Paul, BIM files for this specific product are not available at this moment but we have them available for this one: Let us know if this is not what you want.