What are the most popular BIM software in different countries?

I have noticed that the USA seems to be dominated by users using Revit, but are other countries the same?

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Answers (5)

Scott, Architect • 2013

You are correct Autodesk Revit is definitely the dominant format in the USA.
Other Countries seem to be following a similar trend (especially Asia). However other platforms such as ArchiCAD are very strong in parts of Europe and Australasia.

miked • 2013

In New Zealand and Australia ArchiCAD seems to be bigger than Revit.

Here in Australia, Revit has not dominate, however Revit will be the future only matter of time. Many companies are using Vector Works ( small to medium size) or ArchiCAD.

PhDs • 2013

I think ArchiCAD is much bigger in Europe than the USA.

Frank, Student • 2013

Revit does seem to dominate in the USA but Navisworks, Bentley and ArchiCAD do have some presence, not sure about other countries though.