Top 10 BIM Questions Asked on Modlar

Posted by modlar in BIM, Revit, Technology on November 13th, 2014 No Comments

With Modlar’s specifier base increasing every day, we like to keep a handle on what’s being talked about in the community. Here are 10 interesting questions that have been asked in the last few weeks. Feel free to help answer them, or submit a question of your very own in our BIM forum. Where do… read more

Autodesk Fabrication Facility Gives Life to the Extraordinary

Posted by modlar in General News, Revit on May 17th, 2014 No Comments

Relied upon for decades by the AEC community, Autodesk has built its reputation as being a source for cutting-edge software. It comes as no surprise that the company would foster an intriguingly innovative fabrication facility, described by employees as the “world’s greatest creative workshop.” Located on San Francisco’s Pier 9, the 27,000 square foot office… read more

5 popular BIM questions from July

Posted by modlar in ArchiCAD, BIM, Revit on July 27th, 2013 No Comments

With the global interest in Building Information Modeling (BIM) constantly increasing, we like to keep a handle on what is being talked about and asked in the community. This July has been no exception, here’s 5 interesting BIM questions that have been asked this month. Feel free to help answer them or ask your own…. read more

BIM for Sustainable Practice

Posted by brylee.flutey in ArchiCAD, BIM, Design, Revit on February 4th, 2013 No Comments

BIM is so much more than just a modeling tool. Its collaborative nature draws together various softwares as well as industries and professionals. This becomes clear when acknowledging the positive effect BIM has made on ‘Green Architecture’ and ‘Sustainable Structures’. BIM has enabled collaboration between both Engineers and Architects in order to produce the most… read more

TruStile BIM content now available on BIMstop!

Posted by modlar in ArchiCAD, BIM, Revit on January 17th, 2013 No Comments

BIM content for TruStile is now available on BIMstop. All content can be downloaded from TruStile’s BIM profile here: It’s great to see a high-end manufacturing company such as TruStile supporting Building Information Modeling (BIM) across multiple platforms, such as Revit, ArchiCAD and Sketchup. Here’s some quick facts on TruStile: Company Founded in 1995,… read more

BIMstop 2013 updates

Posted by modlar in ArchiCAD, BIM, BIMstop, Case studies, General News, Revit on January 9th, 2013 1 Comment

It’s a new year and the team at BIMstop is ready to dive into 2013. We have some exciting features being released in the first quarter of 2013, as well as some great new clients coming on board. All of the new BIM content will be available for Autodesk Revit, Graphisoft ArchiCAD, Trimble Sketchup (previously… read more

10 popular BIM questions from the last 30 days

Posted by modlar in ArchiCAD, BIM, BIMstop, General News, IFC, Revit on December 6th, 2012 3 Comments

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a technical topic. Luckily we have such a great network of BIM experts ready to answer any questions or problems you may be having. Also whether your passionate about BIM or an expert Revit user, feel free to contribute to the questions and answers below. If you have a BIM… read more

Polyflor BIM content update

Posted by modlar in ArchiCAD, BIM, Revit on December 5th, 2012 No Comments

We’ve pushed an update to the Polyflor BIM objects available on our network. All of the updated content can be accessed from Polyflor’s BIM profile here: Polyflor’s BIM objects for Autodesk Revit and Graphisoft ArchiCAD allow you to easily place their great flooring range directly into your project. This allows you to better see the… read more

BIMstop Revit 2013 plugin now on Autodesk Exchange

Posted by modlar in BIM, BIMstop, Revit on November 12th, 2012 No Comments

The Autodesk Exchange is a great way to source third party add-ons for Revit and other Autodesk products. Inspired by the success of Apple’s App Store and others, chances are if you can’t do something in Revit you can find an add-on that will. The best part is that many of them are low in… read more

10 most popular BIM question for this month

Posted by modlar in BIM, BIMstop, Revit on November 8th, 2012 2 Comments

Recently we released our new BIM questions and answers section (you can access it here) as a way of aggregating our Building Information Modeling knowledge as well as that of our growing community of global BIM experts. It has been a great success with users around the globe finding it useful. Below is this month’s… read more



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