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Revit 2017

m.jusic, Architect • 10h

Hello MrCould you tell me is it available for download Modlar app for REVIT 2017 please.Kind regards

What are the challenges to g

vinnyd, Other • 2d

Other considerations apart from structural and the additional costs associated.

kero, Architect

When it comes to designing a green roof, there's a lot of considerations to think about such as the costs associated with not just the construction but maintenance as well. Some potential failures include leaks, plant loss, inadequate drainage, soil erosion and slope instability.

ArchiCAD files are broken. P

crazyasd, Architect • 7d

Hi! I trying to download your 275 series in ArchiCAD format, and archives with tnem are broken. Pleasem fix them Thanks!

Hi, are you downloading the archive to Mac or PC? Please email us at and we can help you diagnose the problem ;)

Do I download from OTHER 3D

alice-fung, Architect • May 17
fern, Modlar Administrator

There is no Vectorworks file available to download for this model, you can download autocad from 'OTHER' and import into Vectorworks project.

How practical are glass wall

carrie-matson, Architect • May 17

These glass walls blur the boundary between indoors and outdoors allowing ample light to enter the interior spaces and they look great but how practical or convenient are they? What's the maintenance cost like?

nikhil, Other

We recently decided to cover the exterior wall of a cafe in Goa with glass instead of a wall. It was cheaper and faster than a wall. Goa is a beautiful state on the West coast of India with lots of sunlight. So we decided to choose tinted black glass from St. Gobain. The end result was beautiful. It keeps a lot of the heat out but not all. In... 3 More Answers

What are the SW 2809 finishe

ebecker12, Designer • May 17

What are the finishes available for the SW 2809 paint? gloss, high gloss, matte ,etc? We are looking for a non-shiny finish for this product.

Hi, yes it looks like this range is available in all of those finishes including a non shiny matte finish. If you're looking for a super matte finish, it will also depend on how the paint is applied.

When/why did you decide to b

jamesx, Designer • May 12

What made you choose this field?

carrie-matson, Architect

As a kid, I was always fascinated by buildings whether they were monuments, ruins or modern structures. So, when I had a decision to make it came pretty naturally. I turned my passion into the career path I wanted to take.

What type of barriers will I

gregco, Other • May 12

What's the cost implementation going to be like? Basically, what are the pros and cons of using BIM?

steven.marley, Engineer

In order to work, BIM is a full-bodied process. Every trade has to participate - first, they have to be committed to accurately placing their equipment into their drawings in 3D in order to do clash detection, then all parties need to have all the plug-ins to be able see and evaluate everyone else's work. Next, you will need to manage the pro... 3 More Answers

How can I download TruStile

israel-da-silva-barros, Architect • May 12

Baixar blocos de portao para SketchUp

What's an efficient way to w

carrie-matson, Architect • May 11

The handrail detail in this net-zero pre fab home looks really tricky from a water proofing point of view. I'm interested to know how it's been done.

david.curl, Designer

If timber floor structure face fix the handrail to the front of the floor structure with EPDM washers where the fixing meets the cladding. Bolt fixing through the boundary joists into a L Bracket which bolted to the joist beside. Have 4 baluster paosts, wih the end ones finishing 50mm away from the building. This way the handrail does not pen... 1 More Answer

Where can I buy the Karasek

ivan-lo, Engineer • May 11

I like it a lot.

What's the password for the

obida.rh, Architect • May 10

What is the password to open the file?

What type of wood has been u

kero, Architect • May 10

Love the finish. Is it timber?

How to achieve a flat or pit

vinnyd, Other • May 9

What's the roof like on the iT house project? I quite like it but unsure about the cost.

alex-zuniga, Architect

I think that as demonstrated with this project, flat roofs can be just as attractive as pitched ones. it all comes down to the look you are trying to achieve. Generally speaking, modern or contemporary styled homes will have a flat roof element incorporated into its design. The advantage of a flat roof is that it can also accommodate a deck a... 1 More Answer

Does anyone have a summary o

kevin-thiessen, Designer • May 7

I am a young building technologist with no real experience in budgeting or estimating and I would like to learn. I'm looking for a summary of finish prices for walls, floors, ceilings, roofs etc. I'm not looking for accurate prices, I just want some general informat... Read More

brian.whatley, Student

Rawlinsons Cost Guide is used for Australian estimates. You might be able to find the equivalent for your country by searching for this one as a starting point 1 More Answer

Are these formed with light

carrie-matson, Architect • May 5

And why was one chosen over the other?

vinnyd, Other

From the looks of the image, I'm 99% sure it looks like plaster, a much easier way to achieve these curves 1 More Answer

How are the stones fixed in

miked, Other • May 5

Are the stones fixed from behind or held in wire cages in the structure of Villanueva Public Library?

bjmcdona, Other

The rock cages or call "Gabions". Commonly used in landscape, or to retain Hills or riverbanks. They are prefab cages, typically fill on site. 2 More Answers

How did Brutalist Architectu

carrie-matson, Architect • May 4

What made it interesting and should it be preserved? Share some lesser known facts about this style of architecture.

len-turner, Designer

Extraordinary stuff. They certainly knew how to build in the "old days!" 6 More Answers

How can I download the Comme

joo-guilherme, Other • May 2

O que tenho que fazer para baixar esse modelo de porta

muito bom

Where are the Miele ArchiCAD

sbtdesigns, Other • May 2

I have previously been able to access the Miele ArchiCAD files, could you let me know if they are still online?

sbtdesigns, Other

I was looking for the warming drawer ESW 6229..........Would be nice to have all of the Miele products online. 2 More Answers

How are sensors connected to

deniz-dnmez, Student • Apr 30

Hi, I'm a seniour Civil Engineering student and I'm writing my thesis on integration of BIM and FM programs. Right now I'm working on the sensors and the data transfer from sensors to FM systems. Other than using BIM in 3D modelling programs, it is possbile to find... Read More

Programs with platform for use BIM and BIM OPEN , Vectorworks is the most plastic, with a drawing engine based on Cinema4D and easy to use . I use Vectorworks more than 8 years and not change.

The shipping containers look

seb-laf, Architect • Apr 27
fern, Modlar Administrator

Thank you for sending us the request, we currently don't have this model available in Revit file format. But we will put your request in our bucket list!

How can I update my samples

lynne-vitale, Designer • Apr 27
fern, Modlar Administrator

What software do you use?

How to make corner curtain w

moidin-sayyad, Architect • Apr 25

This is pretty straight forward. First create your curtain wall system and define the mullions you want to use as the louvres for the horizontal grid, I typically set a mullion size to 10x200 (you can also use custom profiles) Set the spacing you want (i.e. max 200mm) Draw your curtain wall, if you defined vertical mullions for the borders, y... 1 More Answer

Why are some ArchiCAD object

vincius-spira, Other • Apr 25

Hi there, I assume you mean for the ArchICAD file? It looks like he script is protected, however just make sure you load it properly then it'll be find. To do this, add the object file to the project via the Library manager, this will then add it to your library or you can try drag and dropping it onto your project floor plan. However if you...

We have 735.00 m2 (7912 sq

harmen-polidor-oduber, Other • Apr 22

Good morning. We are working on de restauration of one church in Aruba. They request maxitile P-10. Can we have a CIF Aruba price for this material. We have 735.00 m2 (7912 sq feet.) Ridge tiles we have 74.00 m1 (243 line feet.) Ridge tiles side we have 70.00 m1 (23... Read More

Hi Harmen, we forward you're question and request for pricing to the vendor. In the future to speed it up feel free to click the request a quote button on any product you see. Cheers, Scott 1 More Answer

How can we change the angle

burak-erel, Architect • Apr 21

I can not change its angle.can not be at 0 degree.

fern, Modlar Administrator

Please try download the updated Archicad object again. On the object settings interface select Settings > Dimensions > and adjust the Angle parameter on the model. Hope this could help. 2 More Answers

Does this product come in fi

audrey-davey, Other • Apr 20

Thanks, Audrey

pauly, Other

Hi Audrey! Are you meaning is it available in Douglas Fir? probably best to hit the button and contract the vendor, I'd say it is!

How are IFC Files used in de

alan-lucas, Technician • Apr 18

How are IFC files actually used? Are they editable? I've been put in charge of BIM because I have 30 years CAD experience. But the people in charge don't really understand BIM and I'm not getting the training! Anyway, what i want to know is: How if an IFC file ACTUA... Read More

gurbe-van-belle, Architect

See bim as advanced pdf: handy for exchanging information, as an underlay (linked file) from one disciplie to the next, for mark-up and clashcontrol by non-moddelers, calculation and maintenance. Not to be used to exchange between designers that need to co-operate 8 More Answers

Floating homes - boats or bu

ajkim, Designer • Apr 13

Are floating homes considered to be boats when it pertains to various building codes?

reidh-beallagh, Designer

The House Boat, came before building codes. They should be treated like a high quality trailer park. 1 More Answer

Styles of houseboats in Euro

ajkim, Designer • Apr 13

Why are the styles of houseboats in Europe so much more well-designed?

We are looking for quotes on

adam-diaz, Other • Apr 12

Adam, we'll reach out to them for you and get the pricing!

Can I find this library in A

gisele-costa-alcantara-moraes, Designer • Apr 10

I'm working with vectorwork, but I don't know how to import your appliances (Revit) to my draws using Vector. Thanks Gisele Morase 0212937102

fern, Modlar Administrator

This model currently available in Revit file format but more formats coming soon. We will send your request to manufacturer and stay tuned !

Living wall systems you woul

pauly, Other • Apr 7

Living walls or "green" exteriors are becoming more popular. Although they are tricky to design and maintain the plants. Have you seen or used any living walls systems you would recommend?

Help Spec'ing Miele Applianc

pauly, Other • Apr 6

I'm looking at specifying Miele Appliances for the first time in a high residential project that I'm doing in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'd love to get feedback from other architects that have previously spec'd them, compared to other brands and whether your clien... Read More

tom-zakim, Designer

Rock solid appliance. Will outlast any other by years. Their literature on installations, particularly the built-in custom panel refrigerators is a bit vague. Plus, if you were to want to hide the refrigerator with the other cabinets, you need to compensate for the larger reveals especially between the frig/freezer panels. Otherwise, they are... 3 More Answers

Which are good architecture

snk.revit, Other • Apr 6

I'm currently residing in Northern California and looking for opportunities preferably in the SF Bay Area.

henry-paredes, Architect

A great firm is SB Architects, One Beach Drive Street, Suite 101, San Francisco CA 94133 I work in the Miami office. Hope this help. Regards, Henry Paredes 1 More Answer

Any creative ideas on how to

carrie-matson, Architect • Apr 5

These wall hangings are so stylish and blend perfectly with the overall look of the room. I think the room has to be big as these would not work well in small spaces.

cliff.mitchell, Architect

I don't think those are wall hangings. They seem to be really awesome and huge pendant lamps hanging above the island. You are correct though, they wouldn't very easily FIT into small spaces. 1 More Answer

How to achieve amazing in-si

pauly, Other • Apr 5

A favourite of brutalism, these in-situ cast concrete walls always look impressive and weather ever so nicely with age. Their simple look is deceiving though, as they are often difficult to pour and have a smooth finish, due to air getting trapped during the pour.

Builders often use a special vibrator for concrete, wich can take most of those trapped bubles out of the wet concrete. 1 More Answer

Low profile flashing details

miked, Other • Apr 5

These low profile flashing details, always look fantastic, although I'm always nervous they will move and let water in on windy days. Does any have any smart flashing details, that allow you to achieve a wind resistant yet low profile?

snk.revit, Other

Flashing has to integrate with both the roof and the side. Cleans lines and durable details depend on careful framing.