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Why BIM & Revit are the futu

hi-tech-cadd-services, Other • 1d

The process of creating 3D database through information of CAD models that represent the design of the building is fondly known as Building Information Modeling. The software application with help of which the digital replica of a building is created is known as Rev... Read More

What is the size of Traditio

sanja-zilic, Other • Jul 20

I need to know the size of this pendant, I don't see a spec sheet anywhere.

What is Building Information

shi-shi, Student • Jul 18

Full Description about BIM with Latest Updates here

Landscape architecture licen

jamesx, Designer • Jul 8

I have an m-arch but switched to landscape design a few years after graduation. I had several years of experiance working in landscape design and build prior to school. Currently I run a landscape design business. I am having much success in residential design and I... Read More

miked, Other

I am in the same boat. A LA stamp does not carry much weight. Usually if a stamp is required for anything a civil is required not a LA. Yes you need a LA license to work on public projects in most states, but you can also work under the guise of a "public artist" or a "urban designer" and team up with a LA should those opp...

Bamboo as a Construction Mat

veronica-romualdez, Other • Jul 7

Bamboo as a construction material is traditionally associated with the cultures of Central and South America, Asia and the South Pacific. It can be used to build entire homes and other structures that are earthquake-resistant and can survive strong winds and storms... Read More

Passive Cooling Techniques

veronica-romualdez, Other • Jul 5

Passive cooling is a way of designing a building that focuses on improving indoor heat to a comfortable level with little or no energy consumption. This is often done through non-mechanical conditioning solutions that involve preventing heat from entering the buildi... Read More

Who will mandate it? Your government? Are you really that happy with the governments' performance? It should be an OPTION explained by the architect or the builder of the advantages of having it. Don't we have enough "stuff" mandated for us already? 2 More Answers

What are the challenges to a

carrie-matson, Architect • Jul 5

High-rise wood buildings are becoming quite popular around the world. What are the building codes that have be adhered to in US? I think a major challenge would be fire safety since it's all wood.

george-west, Designer

George - Arch Designer: Structural Wood Beams, Trusses, Columns, Girders have been historically used for building even before Steel. Wood Members must be treated with Fire Resistant Retardants that are preferably "Green", or creating a petrified surface, as to support weight. 3 More Answers

How I can use that family in

wassim-husseini, Architect • Jul 1

Internal wall finish

Creating a Rooftop Garden

veronica-romualdez, Other • Jun 30

A building with a roof that is partially or completely covered with plants is known as a green roof, eco-roof, vegetated roof, or living roof. The three types of green roofs, which were developed in Germany in the 1960s, are intensive roofs, semi-intensive and exten... Read More

Converting Shipping Containe

veronica-romualdez, Other • Jun 30

Building with shipping containers has fast become a popular way to create residential and commercial spaces. Not only are containers trendy, but they are readily available and environmentally friendly. Although most shipping container structures look simple, a lot... Read More

Insulation Methods for Shipp

veronica-romualdez, Other • Jun 29

A shipping container used as a residential or commercial space needs be insulated well if it is not designed in such a way that it cools or heats itself. This is especially true in areas with extremely hot or cold weather. You can properly insulate a container usin... Read More

I need pricing on model ERP-

larry-lussier, Other • Jun 27

Need pricing on 13 c/s group explovent model ERP-T-FS 24" x 24" for fire suppression bid in NYC for MTA project.

Fashion that could inspire a

carrie-matson, Architect • Jun 23

What a superb topic. Where do you find your design inspiration? Do you refer to projects of well known architects or you like to derive inspiration from organic forms or something else?

bobby.perry, Architect

In addition to browsing through various blogs, I find Ted talks to be a great resource too:

As these prefab units have t

carrie-matson, Architect • Jun 23

How much or what percentage of the total cost of the unit would be the strengthening cost.

miked, Other

Yes from what I've seen it came add a lot of extra cost because a building with standard construction, then has to be engineered to handle loads from different directions, which normally wouldn't occur if the building was built in place. In saying that, recently there have been a few designs which have been engineer more like a vehicle/capsul...

How to achieve a modern look

anthony-maigua, Engineer • Jun 18

Barn houses have been used for centuries as housing for livestock and as storage sections for farm produce. Eradication of farming has left these structures barely in use. Thus, as designers, we have the responsibility to convert these available spaces to modernized... Read More

john-gil, Architect

Old barn's cladding is not intended to be weatherproof so in truth, you must disassemble the enter wall surface, build proper insulated wall, and replace the wood cladding as decoration. Many of the existing boards will have to be discarded as well. The typical detail involves clips of metal studs protruding beyond a couple of layers of build...

Where can I find timber fram

vinnyd, Other • Jun 17

These doors look fantastic, obviously they are timber framed, but where can I find doors that will give me a similar look.

vinnyd, Other

Christian and Michael, I'm looking in the US. 2 More Answers

How to effectively waterproo

pauly, Other • Jun 16

I recently had a project in a high wind zone, where some of the window waterproofing failed (not a fun situation!). Can anyone recommend a good waterproofing system to use in low rise housing projects?

bobby.perry, Architect

I find the most important thing here, is always keeping an eye on the contractors and making sure they are taking the time to follow the proper waterproofing procedures, as per the details. 3 More Answers

How to strengthen timber fra

anthony-maigua, Engineer • Jun 16

Timber framed houses are considered to be weak and can easily be damaged on the onset of an earthquake or any other natural catastrophe. To prevent such scenarios one is advised to put into place structural modifications to strengthen the wooden frame. When building... Read More

philip.allsopp, Architect

Cross Laminated Timber shear walls and floor diaphragms replacing stick framing can make a huge difference to the safety of timber framed buildings (and unreinforced masonry buildings) during earthquakes. The 4.125" thick 3-Ply panels manufactured by D.R. Johnson in Riddle, OR, for example, make perfect shear walls. These panels are unob... 1 More Answer

How to construct curved wood

anthony-maigua, Engineer • Jun 16

Wood has been used in the construction sector for an extended period. This has helped in coming up with great ideas of manipulating the regular appearance of the plain wood structure to more sophisticated and stylish designs. There are some ways to curve timber. How... Read More

peter-betancourt, Manufacturer

Weiland offers curved products to blend into and complement the beauty of the surrounding architecture. Our All Wood, Aluminum Wood and All Aluminum products offer a high quality craftsmanship and blend well with the indoor/outdoor lifestyle. The curved doors can be built as tall as 12 feet high and as wide as needed depending on weight. Chec...

Do I need a password to open

henrik-petersson, Designer • Jun 15

I downloaded (for the first time) an object from your site and when I wanted to open it in ArchiCAD I was asked for a password. I tried the one I used to sign in on your page, but without any success. How does it work?

Hi, this is because you have tried to open the object file's script, which is locked by the manufacturer.. In order to use the archicad object you need to add it to your ArchiCAD project. This can be done by adding it via your archicad library manager. Hope that helps!

What is the Future of Design

ajkim, Designer • Jun 13

How will the classical notion of Modernism hold up in our future? What sort of materials will help forge a new future in architecture?

philip.allsopp, Architect

Most buildings are experimental prototypes reliant sadly on low-bid contractors, self-styled "value engineers" and a bevy of subcontractors some of whom have little in the way of real skills or craftsmanship. Imagine what buildings would be like if we took best practices from companies like Boeing, Tesla, Apple and a host of other g... 2 More Answers

Making a good glass roofing

anthony-maigua, Engineer • Jun 10

The evolution of glass technology means roofing, glass extensions and sun pipes can flood dark areas of the house with light thus increasing the feeling of space and simultaneously providing an uninterrupted view of the garden and the immediate environment. Natural... Read More

How to properly install floa

anthony-maigua, Engineer • Jun 9

A floating roof is a type of roof that is installed in storage tanks which are used in the oil refinery and petrochemical industry. The floating roof floats directly on top of the stored material. This eliminates the possibility of a flammable atmosphere. It also ac... Read More

How are these metalized tile

vinnyd, Other • Jun 8

What kind of metal is used to achieve that look?

How To Install Solid Wooden

anthony-maigua, Engineer • Jun 8

Wooden floors are part of the elements that make a house to look exquisite. The installation procedures for wooden floors require the expertise of professionals. This is because; the processes involved are delicate and require an individual to practice extra care. L... Read More

What type of architecture pr

modlar, Modlar Administrator • Jun 6

Also, share with us the most interesting topics/projects that has kept you coming back for more.

michael.bere, Designer

The colours are wonderful 2 More Answers

What is the formula of chemi

shawn.cooper, Designer • Jun 5

We have been specifying 'blackened steel' (i,e. chemically treated mild steel to give a natural, blackened finish) for quite a few years and EVERY time we ask a contractor to tell us what the chemicals/method is for this they clam up like its a top secret or somethi... Read More

anthony.cohn, Architect

Armorers created blackened steel in the Renaissance with linseed oil. They heated the steel and applied the oil in much the same fashion described by "grahame-white" above. It probably is a little less toxic than old motor oil, and because it requires multiple applications, allows for a broad color range of "blackening" . 4 More Answers

Why is there no BIM content

samuel.macalister, Architect • Jun 4

Looking at nutone range - has no BIM content

We'll reach out to them and see if we can get some built! Was there a particular format and product SKU you were after?

What is the garage door deta

miked, Other • Jun 1

Is this a sectional door or tilt?

chasmoporthetes, Designer

This is an overhead sectional door. you can tell by the fasteners along the horizontal lines. the vertical line in the centers is most likely cosmetic 2 More Answers

Are these the under sides of

gregco, Other • Jun 1

I like the look of the roofing and it blends well with the other elements in the house.

lightscape, Architect

shawn.cooper is correct. Another manufacturer is Epicore ( The product shown in this home appears to be perforated for better acoustical performance (a thin layer of acoustical insulation separates the steel from the poured concrete. The steel can be left shiny as shown, primed for field painting, o... 4 More Answers

Nana Door for Vectorworks

john-gil, Architect • May 31

First d/l attempt at Modlar - a Nana Door for Vectorworks, returned a message form the software that this file is not recognized as well it could not be browsed for its resources either. Is this a version 2015 or 2016 file? I use VW 2014 and perhaps that is the rea... Read More

I liked the Nanawall Folding

daniel-dias-badaro, Designer • May 30

How do I find a distributor in Brazil? [Gostei do produto e gostaria de saber mais. Como encontrar um distribuidor no Brasil?]

Advice on modular design aro

gio-zambri, Designer • May 30

I am student doing a Post Grad in Interior Architecture. I am using the ideas of prefab and modular design to design a fire station. I was wondering If I can send a list of questions regarding modular design methods also for professional input.

Revit 2017

m.jusic, Architect • May 29

Hello MrCould you tell me is it available for download Modlar app for REVIT 2017 please.Kind regards

What are the challenges to g

vinnyd, Other • May 27

Other considerations apart from structural and the additional costs associated.

Wind Scour,Foot Traffic, the list seems to be never ending, but the benefits alway seem to outlay the problems. Arial installers, plant and other equipment added post completion, it does happen, I was the Styrofoam Tech engineer for 14 years and saw it all. trees that have grown squirrels that want to did, bees, making home, and a change in b... 2 More Answers

ArchiCAD files are broken. P

crazyasd, Architect • May 23

Hi! I trying to download your 275 series in ArchiCAD format, and archives with tnem are broken. Pleasem fix them Thanks!

Hi, are you downloading the archive to Mac or PC? Please email us at and we can help you diagnose the problem ;)