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A bit tricky but I need to build a railway bridge in Autodesk Revit... Has anyone done this before or know of an easy way or pre-made Revit family?


I need kitchen accessories in Autodesk Revit format, are these available in the Modlar library?


Looking at spec'ing either of these for a client's small apartment complex. Is Thermdaor worth the extra cost?

I'm working on a new cafe product and want to use some of those thin steel window profiles (I see a few buildings in hays valley have them).Any idea which brand they are or one you've used before?

Where do you get inspiration? • 14th October 2015

How often do you use Pinterest? Any other websites you goto?

I'm starting to hear a lot of noise from our users about Graphisoft's tablet based BIMx tool?How many people are actively using it and do you find it useful?

What I mean is: Is there a certain point in design where for buildings over a certain height the construction cost, start to accelerate ever faster?I've heard anything over 30 floors high, starts to get expensive. Due to construction costs and design that's needed.

What the best green roof product? • 15th September 2015

I'm designing a new residential project in california, and want to have a green roof on top of it.I'm having trouble finding information and feedback, on which product(s) are best and won't leak over time (obviously me and my client's biggest fair).

Help Spec'ing Miele Applainces? • 15th September 2015

I'm looking specifying Miele Appliances for the first time in a high residential project I'm doing in the San Francisco, Bay Area. I'd love to get feedback from other architects that have previously spec'd them? Compared to other brands and whether your clients have been happy?

It's set to be the tallest building in the city? What do people think of it's design?A little info:Salesforce Tower, formerly known as the Transbay Tower, is a 1,070 ft office skyscraper under construction in the South of Market district of downtown San Francisco.

Rulesett in solibri? • 13th September 2015

Is there a rulestt to view all the components that do not coline with an other compnent ?

I prefer Google Gmail or Apple Mail, but most architecture and engineering firms still seem to be using Microsoft Outlook ?

Multiple downloads? • 14th August 2015

Can you select multiple items to download/transfer to dropbox?Can you also download all of your library i.e. star what i want to add to my library quickly whilst browsing, then download all in one

For a project i need to know if it's possible to open a 2D DWG drawing into SolibriAND for the 2D floorplan inside it to be visible!Can anyone tell me if this is possible? And how it's done

This does not seem to be available in Miele Specifiers downloads section

Miele ArchiCAD Objects? • 22nd April 2015

Has anyone experienced issues with the Miele Bim objects for ArchiCAD offered on the Modlar site?We seem to be finding 'parts' of the objects offset from the object itself appearing on our elevations/sections.Is there a way of contacting the creator of the objects on Modlar to have these amended?

Who's your favorite architect? • 30th March 2015