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kero, Architect

Load Archicad object library into the project via File > Libraries and Objects > Library Manager, then you can review the obj

These fridges look fantastic, so keen to start using them in a few products, are they available through out th

modlar, Modlar Administrator

The RS36A72J1 is available in North America. A comparable product is available elsewhere as RS90A1. Thanks.

I'm looking to spec this for the first time, what thicknesses are available?

modlar, Modlar Administrator

Product design available in different edge profiles and depth. There are 4 different thickness available; 2cm, 3cm, 4cm, and

While we get a lot of advise from people, mention the advise that has helped accelerate your growth both pers

miked, Other

Try and find a firm where you can learn the most and get exposure to design and documentation.

Name the architect too, if possible.

I'm using this armchair in my renders, however it appears grey?

modlar, Modlar Administrator

The material parameters are blank and no appearance assigned to the model, you could try add material to the model appearance

Can I order it directly from Modlar and have it shipped to Hawaii?

pauly, Other

I'm pretty sure Lowe's stock it?

Is this range suitable for installation along side an induction cooktop?Keen to hear from people who have used

pauly, Other

These Gagganeu hoods (in fact all Gaggenau products) are beautifully made and work great!

Hi, I'd like to spec this product (Gaggenau Teppan Yaki VP414610) in my project, does anyone know where the fi

Hi Karen, I see Gaggenau have the installation instructions available here:

How is this roof constructed

a-abigale, Engineer
2 Answers 3rd February 2016

I'm interested in this roof design, how is it constructed? Does the product become pre made or is it custom?

pauly, Other

A simple pavilion really... looks to be standard timber post / rafter construction

gregco, Other

Modern thanks, anything by Foster Partners get me very excited.

modlar, Modlar Administrator

Most of our ArchiCAD object have got password protected to avoid the error when user try to directly open the object file. Yo

I travel around the world when I need design inspiration. Any city or country that you recommend me to go to?

gregco, Other

I love the architect in Chicago, a great range of buildings you can see from all of the big names of the modern era.

Who is your favorite archite

jamesx, Designer
1 Answer 29th January 2016

While I believe that every architect has an unique style, these architects and their philosophy's inspire me. "Every great

l want to download this product, in an Autodesk Revit format. Is it available or can we please request it?

modlar, Modlar Administrator

There is no BIM files available for this model. We will send your request to the manufacturer and hopefully to have BIM files

I am using double latte as my main color and was wondering how painting the fire place mantel & some built in

pauly, Other

Download and try it on your render, that's the best we to see it and give you're client a feel for it..

Examples with easily accessible architectural drawings and 3Ds preferably

Thanks alot scott, it was really useful!

How does one use this format

harry-ray, Architect
1 Answer 16th January 2016

I am using ArchiCAD 18 and do not know how to use the .rfa format.

modlar, Modlar Administrator

The RFA format is Autodesk Revit family file. There are quite a few tutorials on youtube that might help.

I'm looking for armchairs for the living room to use in an interior design project , something that looks good

pauly, Other

I saw some timber frame ones recently that looked great

Parametric Sizes?

israel-singer, Technician
1 Answer 5th January 2016

I've just downloaded the file and attempted to choose between the different sizes, but it seems as though the

modlar, Modlar Administrator

This model comes with different size options but unfortunately the model only shown in 1 size. We will let the owner of this