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Marble: A Classic Beauty's I

austriakarissa, Architect • 2d

Exquisite and an elegant material per se, the veined and fine-textured compressive marble ranges in application from residential to commercial, from interior to exterior, and from slabs to veneer tiles. Marble blocks or panels are usually cut, handled, packaged, shipped and installed carefully without breakage and chipped edges. Three main kinds o... Read More

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What is the price point for

allie-puppo, Designer • 3d

Small kitchenette countertop for office coffeebar

cooper, Modlar Administrator

Hi Allie, please reach out to the manufacturer directly or find local stores near you: for the price.


Architecture + Engineering:

austriakarissa, Architect • 6d

An emerging construction design trend deviating from the conventional methods, space frame technology marries the three pillars of architecture - utilitas (function), firmitas (structural) and venustas (aesthetics). Known for its lightweight structure, the spatial unit of a tetrahedron forms geometric pattern interlocked with rigid joints. Being v... Read More

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How much is the price of Bra

abdullah-ahmad, Architect • Oct 20

I need the price of this lamp.

cooper, Modlar Administrator

Hi Abdullah, please reach out to the manufacturer for the prices.


Finding and Designing the Ri

lucia-ramirez, Architect • Oct 19

When it comes to ventilating an apartment, especially if it's small, you hit a couple of bumps. Houses are easier to ventilate, because they have more design options available; houses can make use of their roofs to ventilate using pressure differences and solar chimneys, for instance, whereas apartments have no roofs to make use of (unless they're... Read More

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Can someone please help me -

hayley-shaw, Designer • Oct 13

Hi there, I can't seem to download any of the Miele cad files. Can anyone help please?

hayley-shaw, Designer

Hi Cooper, I've just realised these are rfa files and I'm working in autocad. Is there any way to convert? 1 More Answer


Floating Structures: Design

lucia-ramirez, Architect • Oct 12

Floating houses could be an answer to big-city population problems: cities like London, Tokyo and Shanghai, with plenty of water around and little room to spare, could benefit from this method of building. It could also provide a solution for cities prone to inundations and tsunamis on their coasts - building homes that could withstand sudden floo... Read More

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Why this product is not avai

barbora-nemeckayova, Technician • Oct 11

It was available before

cooper, Modlar Administrator

Hi Barbora, that's probably because the manufacturer has updated the files. It will be best if you could reach out to them directly.


Where do you get architectur

jamesx, Designer • Oct 10

When starting a new project, I sometimes get stuck and don't know where to start... . I want to know more about how other architects get architectural inspiration... and organize/ brainstorm their ideas. How and where do you get architectural inspiration? What othe... Read More

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Having trouble with the pane

caroline-brightside, Other • Oct 6

Hello, these panels look really lovely but for some reason I can't get the patterns to cut through the panel like the image, can you help me please?

Hi, yes I'm sure we can help! Can you let me know which panel and software you are using?


Utilizing Responsive Smart M

austriakarissa, Architect • Oct 6

With all the hype regarding the use of automation in 21st century homes and the looming concerns regarding the global environment, understanding the smart materials from a product context entails us to move from micro to macro perspective. What can smart materials actually do in order for a designer to yield optimal results for a sustainable archi... Read More

Using Modlar

BIM content seems to be miss

paulking, Other • Oct 3

Hi, I did a search for BIM fan objects (i.e ArchiCAD), and this propped up - andeven has a ' 'BIM' logo on the image preview - yet there is no BIM content in the download. Where can I find the ArchiCAD 3D model?

cooper, Modlar Administrator

Sorry about that. Let us know if there's anything else you may need. 2 More Answers

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Comprehensive BIP Green Roof

DB1, Designer • Sep 29

hello! looks amazing but there is no bim file in it only a pdf. I would like to use it for my project for school. can you make a file of it that i can import in archi cad?

DB1, Designer

Hi cooper, I did but they dont react :) can you help me? 1 More Answer


Different Ways to Make Pixel

lucia-ramirez, Architect • Sep 28

Pixelated surfaces can add a lot of character to a project, giving it movement and visual depth. Any surface can be pixelated, as long as its structural stability isn't compromised. There are different ways to designing a pixelated surface, that vary from strictly superficial to structural. Tessellation Tessellation implicates covering a surface... Read More

BIM/CAD Software

How can I download this on m

robert-luyombya, Engineer • Sep 27

I am using archicad 12

Hi, sorry I'd say this file only works with slightly newer versions of archicad, around 16 and higher. You may have to updated your system or download the trail version of AC 20


How to Design a Perfect Cont

lucia-ramirez, Architect • Sep 26

A large number of people spend a tremendous amount of time inside an office, and the design and layout can affect not only their mental health but their physical health too. Long gone are the days of grey cubicle offices, as more and more companies over the world are rethinking office designs to make their employees happier and healthier, improvin... Read More


Does an architect's childhoo

carrie-matson, Architect • Sep 26

If it does, then how and why do you think it influences their home design decisions? Share your experience/instances where you've felt the above holds true.

royal-sibiya, Architect

I was born,bred and buttered in South Africa in a rural area always surrounded by energy efficient rondavels with thatch roofs.My designs always caprture the imagination of a circle mushroomed with the latest trend in Architecture. 1 More Answer

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Where can I find gym equipme

dinesh, Architect • Sep 23
cooper, Modlar Administrator

Here's a link where you can find gym equipments in AutoCAD & Revit Architecture:

BIM/CAD Software

What is the diff b/w BIM and

dinesh, Architect • Sep 23, Modlar Administrator

Dinesh, here's a link to an earlier discussion Hope you find it useful!

BIM/CAD Software

Revit Architecture 2010 comp

paul-jordan, Other • Sep 22

Is there any chance I can get some of your families in a Revit 2010 format? I know, I know, it's 8 years old and not supported anymore but, it still works fine for me. I'm looking for a shower stall I can put in a bathroom. You have a few that are very interesting b... Read More

cooper, Modlar Administrator

Hi Paul, let us know of the specific product you're interested in & we'll check it for you.


Creating the Ideal Indoor Ga

veronica-romualdez, Other • Sep 19

An indoor garden may include something as simple as plants on a shelf to an entire living wall, such as the three-story indoor vertical garden of an office building in Elche, Spain, or the living wall in Edmonton International Airport in Alberta, Canada. Whether in a residential or commercial space, plants in an indoor garden such as bamboo, Chine... Read More

Using Modlar

Does this site support BIM f

scott-langrehr, Architect • Sep 15

Hi Scott, thanks for reaching out. Sadly we don't have many products in Cadsoft's format. You may however be able to import models in 3DS or OBJ formats into Cadsoft.


How to Project and Build a H

lucia-ramirez, Architect • Sep 13

Treehouses usually remind us of two things: childhood getaways and whimsical fantasy creatures living in the forest. Nowadays, building on trees is not relegated to fantasy or child's-play; the appeal of having a vast view and an less invasive, immersive natural experience have turned treehouses into a desirable design option. There are vacation t... Read More

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Suggestion for Miele Revit f

charles-roucher, Student • Sep 7

Hi there, Firstable thank you for your website, it has great content and as a student I cannot always afford to pay for descent libraries. I only have one small suggestions, in the Miele family the titles of the zip files are too long so by default an error message... Read More

Hi Charles, thanks so much for the feedback, glad we can help! We'll reach out to the Miele and get them to supply shorter zip file names, thanks for letting us know ;)

BIM/CAD Software

How can I find the password

agathe-clarisse, Architect • Sep 6

You need to load the file via ArchiCAD's object library manager to the project your working on. If you just try opening the file, it will try to open the GDL object's script, which is password protected by the manufacturer..

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I wanted to download a model

nira.bottinga, Technician • Sep 4

I have tried to get a rvt file on the model but couldn't find it.

cooper, Modlar Administrator

Sorry Nira, we do not have them available at the moment.

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Where is the Princetown Surf

norma.m.villegas, Student • Sep 1

Downloaded the revit files, but I don't actually see this particular color in the material library.

Thanks Norma, we'll look into this for you!


The Fifth Wall

tim-epstein, Other • Aug 30

No longer the fifth wall.. Yesterday, ceilings inspired human kind and architects. Ceilings would be an architect's gateway to the heavens. Of course, back then, they had the space. Nevertheless, the perfect example is Jeronimos Monastery in Spain. Their ribbed vaulted ceiling is reaching for the heavens. How could someone not look up and be in aw... Read More


Creating the Look and Feel o

veronica-romualdez, Other • Aug 30

The ceiling is the part of a room that is sometimes overlooked. However, there are many different ways that you can create visual interest in a room just by adding a design to the ceiling alone. Updating the look of a room by transforming a plain ceiling is fairly simple as this can be done to an existing space or during construction. A ceiling's... Read More


How to address designing, re

lucia-ramirez, Architect • Aug 26

Sometimes we have to build very close, next to or in a delicate surrounding; it could be an historical site or ruin, a protected building or even a natural setting that could easily be ruined by the wrong design proposal. We have to ask ourselves, what's the best way to approach that situation? How can we build and be respectful to our surrounding... Read More


Achieving Organic Shaped Str

lucia-ramirez, Architect • Aug 23

Organic structures, shape-wise, are the opposite of orthogonal ones: they often don't follow straight lines and shapes, which makes them a little more difficult to achieve using traditional methods of construction and retail materials. That being said, organic structures are not entirely different to orthogonal ones when it comes to assembling the... Read More

BIM/CAD Software

This Thermador Archicad file

jim-lapiana, Architect • Aug 23

The file is for the 24 inch Built-In Wine Preservation Column T24IW800SP. One would assume that the password protection was done in error and the file should be uploaded without it.

cooper, Modlar Administrator

Most of our ArchiCAD objects are password protected to avoid errors when the user tries to directly open the object file. You can load object into the project library and use it in the project normally without opening it. You can change the settings through the object interface settings as well.


Designing with Colored Concr

veronica-romualdez, Other • Aug 22

From translucent to opaque, the color choices for concrete are endless, thereby allowing you to achieve different looks with colored concrete. Colored concrete can be made to look like different materials such as brick, slate or even tile and colors can range from earth tones to vibrant hues. Colored concrete with finishing techniques like stampin... Read More


Placing your stamp on concre

veronica-romualdez, Other • Aug 22

Stamped Concrete Concrete stamps, which are made of polyurethane or metal, have inlaid designs that are available in various decorative patterns and textures. The stamps may also be made to look like other building materials such as stone, wood or brick, or have a pattern such as leaves or an abstract design. Stamped concrete is achieved by imprin... Read More


How to solve common concrete

veronica-romualdez, Other • Aug 16

Concrete is a versatile and durable artificial stone which is made by mixing aggregate and water. It can be cast to form almost any shape and is used not just to build structures, but for driveways, built-in furniture, roads, sidewalks, dams and bridges. Concrete is economical, can withstand high temperatures and is wind, water and fire resistant... Read More

Using Modlar

Can I just sign in once and

may.liang, Architect • Aug 16
cooper, Modlar Administrator

Hi May, you have to sign up to download products and then you can download as many as you want.


Functional Facades

veronica-romualdez, Other • Aug 15

A building's facade is often the most important aspect of design. The facade is the first thing that people see, and in recent years, innovative facade designs and systems have created some of the world's most interesting facades. Today, facades also provide function and are not merely meant to look interesting or beautiful but aim to enhance a bu... Read More

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Where can I find Glass showe

ken-sepe, Engineer • Aug 10


cooper, Modlar Administrator

For more information on the product, please reach out to the manufacturer directly. Please let us know if that doesn't help & we can reach out on your behalf.