10 popular BIM questions from the last 30 days

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BIM questions and answers

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a technical topic. Luckily we have such a great network of BIM experts ready to answer any questions or problems you may be having.

Also whether your passionate about BIM or an expert Revit user, feel free to contribute to the questions and answers below. If you have a BIM related question, feel free to submit it here: http://www.modlar.com/bim-forum/

Here’s the top 10 most popular questions from the last 30 days:


Why does trace reference make ArchiCAD 16 slow and how do I fix it?
It annoys me how slow AC becomes when I use trace reference, could someone please tell me how I could speed it up?

Question promoted in topics archicadarchicad 16ArchiCAD help … • 1 day ago  0 Answers  Add Answer

michael.glover BIMstop Profile

Legal issues around BIM?
As the adoption of BIM (Building Information Modeling) is happening faster and faster, what legal issues have peopl…

Question promoted in topics BIMBIM accuracyBIM adoption … • 28th November 2012  2 Answers  Add Answer

Rachel.Beckingham BIMstop Profile

ArchiCAD and Cinema 4D or Artlantis?
I want to produce some high end renders from my ArchiCAD models so am looking for a piece of software to achieve th…

Question promoted in topics archicadArchiCAD ArtlantisArchiCAD render … • 28th November 2012  2 Answers  Add Answer

Daniel.Lang BIMstop Profile

What is the Revit schema?
I just went to open a model I was working on earlier in the week and got a message stating that the file has an inc…

Question promoted in topics RevitRevit 2012Revit error … • 28th November 2012  1 Answers  Add Answer

Robbie.Hastings BIMstop Profile

IFC import into Revit 2012?
I’m trying to import an IFC file from my engineer into my Revit 2012 project, however it is coming through as a mes…

Question promoted in topics IFCIFC exportIFC import … • 20th November 2012  1 Answers  Add Answer

bobby.perry BIMstop Profile

Bosch Appliance families for Revit 2012?
I’ve been using the Miele Appliance Revit families available here on bimstop: http://www.modlar.com/profile/miele/…

Question promoted in topics BoschBosch AppliancesRevit 2012 … • 20th November 2012  1 Answers  Add Answer

emily.kyles BIMstop Profile

Decent car objects for ArchiCAD?
I have a presentation to do to a client next week and want to show some nice realistic cars in the project’s garage…

Question promoted in topics archicadArchiCAD 14ArchiCAD cars … • 20th November 2012  1 Answers  Add Answer

michael.glover BIMstop Profile

Hosting a Revit family to a Linked Ceiling?
As far as I remember you can host a ceiling hosted lighting fixture to a ceiling in a linked model. Is my memory co…

Question promoted in topics ceilingsHosted familiesLighting families … • 20th November 2012  2 Answers  Add Answer

Revit family?
Does anyone have a Revit family for arrows that adjust to any scale. I want to use it to show bar the ranges for re…

Question promoted in topic Revit help • 19th November 2012  2 Answers  Add Answer

Moving from a trial version to a ‘full’ version, how to convert files?
I’m currently using an ArchiCAD trial version, if I decide to buy the ‘full’ version will I be able to convert/tran…

Question promoted in topics archicadArchiCAD helpArchiCAD trial … • 12th November 2012  4 Answers  Add Answer

marcoariveros BIMstop Profile



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