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BIMstop smart search 2

BIMstop’s Building Information Modeling (BIM) content search just got faster and smarter.

Search is a key part of all modern software products and is by far the best and fastest way to mine through large amounts of data. Far quicker than browsing through hundreds of different folders or categories.

Our version 2 search engine now has three great features, which make it best in class:

  1. Suggestions: As you type your search our servers work hard in the background to predict what you might be looking for . This saves you from having to type out long strings. The suggestions are also generated by:
  2. Learning: The more BIMstop search is used, the better it gets! The search suggestions are compiled over time from previous searches and tag generation. This helps to pin point exactly what you are looking for. The search engine also looks out for key terms such as; Revit or ArchiCAD and adjusts the BIM search results accordingly.
  3. Popularity: The results you are given are now ranked by popularity. This is also part of the system’s learning, over time it learns what is popular and which terms relate to certain key words. This helps to deliver the ideal set of results.
We’re sure everyone will find this new search a great improvement. Tweaks like this are a big part of what we do at BIMstop, so over time you’ll see our search get better and better.
The new BIM search is now live, so give it a try and let us know what you think.




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