Darren Tims from Rice Daubney Australia Talks about BIM

Posted by modlar in ArchiCAD, BIM on February 9th, 2012 No Comments
Darren Tims talks BIM at Rice Daubney

Below is a great video of Darren Tims from Rice Daubney Architects in Australia.

In the video Darren gives a fantastic overview of how Rice Daubney are using BIM (Building Information Modeling) in their work flow and the benefits they are gaining from it. This is especially apparent in the larger projects he is talking about.

It’s great to see Darren also highlighting the importances of well built BIM content (ArchiCAD objects in his case) to put in the projects, thus immensely speeding up their scheduling and other documentation processes.

We’d love to see other videos touching on this topic, if you know of any please place a link to it below.

You can watch the video below:



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