Manufacturer’s return on investment calculator

Posted by modlar in BIM, BIMstop on April 5th, 2012 No Comments
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Return on investment – it’s what makes the business world go around. Return on investment or ROI is often a key part of marketing discussions, especially when different channels are being compared.

As BIMstop offers a powerful marketing solution to building product manufacturers it is a part of this process and ROI is a question we get asked about. Lucky for us BIMstop’s marketing process is far more measurable than traditional channels (like print adverts).

So to help building product manufacturers we’ve built a manufacturer’s ROI calculator: available here

The calculation has been put together after talking to our clients, new & existing and understanding how they measure performance for their businesses. The great thing about the calculator is it allows you to see how even small increases in certain areas (such as number of specifiers reached) can make a big difference to your bottom line!

We see this is another tool to help educate the market on the reason to support Building Information Modeling (BIM) and the huge opportunity it brings. Feel free to use the calculator and share it with your colleagues.



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