Thao Dien House

Location : Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Architect : MM Architects/MIMYA
Built : 2014

Remodeled into a sculpture of light and grace, the Thao Dien House has a great feeling of a minimalism space with a zen vibe. It's greatest feature is the living wall at the upper floor of the house. It provides the elevation with a green aesthetic that gives lots of curb appeal while providing the master suite a private garden oasis.

Bosco Verticale ( Residenza Porta Nuova )

Location : Milan, Italy
Architect : Stephan Boeri, Boeri Studio
Built : 2014

This sustainable residential building was built with aspirations of creating a microclimate that contributes to the regeneration of the environment. All its' vegetation allows Bosco Verticale to act as a true forest by producing humidity, oxygen, absorbing CO2 and dust particles. It is a marvel in urban biodiversity.

Chongqing Taoyuanju Community Center

Location : Chongqing Province, China
Architect : Vector Architects
Built : 2015

It's quite suitable for a mountainside community to have their gathering spot nestled under a grass roof as if it were growing out of the landscape. The center serves as a cultural, sports and health hub for the local community. While it's impact is big, it's environmental footprint is not. The building boasts a rainwater collection/reuse system, permeable pavement, passive ventilation, and locally sourced materials by means to reduce it's footprint.

Athenaeum Hotel

Location : 116, Picadilly, Westminster, London, United Kingdom
Designer : Patrick Blanc
Built : 2012

Patrick Blanc is greening the world on environment at a time. Some call it Botanical Architecture, you can call it magnificent. Harboring a host of native plants and flowers, the living wall at the Athenaeum Hotel has a secret. In the Garden Room at the lower level of the hotel, there lives the world's biggest collection of a special type of stinging nettle (Urticaccae). For each location, Patrick carefully selects plants according to local climatic conditions and the visual effect he wants to create.


Centro Direzionale Forum

Location: Rimini,Italy
Architects : Mario Cucinella Architects
Built : 2006

Not your normal ivy-covered facade. Sprawling fauna creates an uninterrupted screen over the elevation of each building that is connected by three walkways. The vertical split between the buildings leads to a garden in the rear. Each floor contains balconies that overlook the street and are screened by the climbing plants. The grid system is permeable to air and light so the walkways can also be used as outdoor spaces.


Acros Fukuoka International Hall

Location : Fukuoka City, Japan
Architect : Emilio Ambasz with Takenaka Corporation
Built : 1994

Emilio Ambasz transposed a nearly 100,000-square-meter park in Fukuoka City onto 15 stepped terraces, which harken back to the ancient gardens of Babylon. It is home to offices, shops and the symphony hall. The building sits on the site like a mountain and with it's selected vegetation configuration of over 76 species it celebrates the changes of the four seasons. The green roofs also capture rainwater runoff, and support the life of insects and birds.
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Sustainable Building Material: Bamboo

Sustainable Building Material: Bamboo