Cyprus Tower

Project: Mixed Use Tower
Architect: Jean Nouvel
Local architect: Takis Sophocleous Architects
Project location: Nicosia, Cyprus
Project date: 2015

Playful pixels of fenestration are all over this building where vegetation grows out from the inside through some of these openings. This multi-use tower houses 10 stories of apartments, 6 stories of office space and 2 stories of retail. In this tower, the interplay of pixel pattern of windows and open air atrium create vibrant environments.


Pixel House

Project: Pixel House
Architect: Mass Studies and Slade Architecture
Project location: Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Project year: 2003

This organically curved house has a rich texture on the outside of rotating bricks to create a dense pixelated facade. The orthogonal bricks that clad the exterior of the house slide out and rotate in order to follow the contour of the curve while they flatten out where the contour flattens out, creating a scaly texture, enriching the facade.

The Korea Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo 2010

Project: The Korea Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo
Architect: Mass Studies
Project location: Shanghai, China
Project Date: 2010

Inspired by the Korean alphabet called Hangeul, this pavilion is covered with the Korean alphabet in hyper dense pixel pattern in white panel relief, constantly mixing with other pixel patterns whether they are paving pattern or 3D pixels on the terracing steps inside that create public seating. Hangeul characters are even repeated inside - on the wall treatment in cafeterias adding to the intensity of the pixelation of Hangeul.

Ports Flagship Store

Project: Ports 1961
Architect: UUfie
Project Coordinator & Interior Desiger: Yabu Pushelberg
Project Location: Shanghai, China
Project Year: 2016

"The facade is supposed to resemble an iceberg floating freely in the ocean; the building having a sense of being undulated, expanding and contracting, as if shaped by its environment" says UUfie. The 3D pixels terraces invite you in and once you are inside, you realize bigger scaled pixels of these "boxes" become some of the display counters and fixtures.


EP7 restaurant

Project: EP7 Restaurant
Architect: Stephane Malka
Project location: Paris, France
Project date: 2013

This dynamic facade, a mix of glass, vegetation and raw wood becomes almost "alive" like a part of a mountain, while creating inside outside relationship between the street and the inside due to large glazing. Live vegetation arise from timber boxes on the facade. The contrast between the dense pixelation and the big glazing results in exciting drama. When one comes close enough to the window, one will realize the glass is fritted, adding another dimension to the facade.


Object Hijack

Project: Object Hijack, Installation
Architect: Stephane Malka
Project Location: Moscow, Russia
Project Year: 2010

At a glance, one may look at this space as being pretty complex but underneath it all, the materials and construction are super simple.

Designed for Moscow's International Biennale for Young Art, a Parisian architect Stphane Malka made this installation from thousands of different sized cardboard boxes glued together and painted them all a pristine pale grey. Light and shadow further creates a rich optical illusion to create depth and complexity to the space.

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