The Line Hotel

Project: The Line Hotel
Designers: Sydell Group
Project Location: Los Angeles, California
Project Date: 2016

Boasting eclectic touch in all areas from guest rooms to public areas, this hotel re-purposed its original structure as much as possible to retain authenticity of its original sensibilities.

Guestrooms that have original concrete walls are filled with unusual mixes such as Mexican serape, sculptures that were inspired by mid-century artists such as Curtis Jere, and contextual inspirations such as the use of color red, picked up from its neighborhood, Koreatown.


The Durham Hotel

Project: The Durham Hotel
Designers: Commune Design
Project Location: Durham, North Carolina
Project Date: 2015

This boutique hotel was renovated from what was once a Home Savings Bank built in the late 1960s where the original building and the interiors were naturally deep rooted in the original mid-century language.

The architects retained the original structure as much as possible while mixing Mid-Century Modern and the Ars and Crafts design sensibilities together, such as raw walnut, high gloss laminate, geometric patterned carpets and gold and white chandelier remake.


Hollywood Hills Residence

Project: Hollywood Hills Residence
Architect: Struere
Project Location: Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California
Project Date: 2015

Aiming to "renew the modern living promise" (Struere), the architect maximizes the inside/outside relationship by having two volumes that are connected by a central courtyard where a tree grows through a rectangular opening of a connecting roof. One volume contains a bedroom, bathroom and a small study while the other, the living area and kitchen.

The smart mix of furnishings, wood panels, glass and steel evoke some of the mid-century sensibilities effortlessly.


Metaphysical Remix

Project: Metaphysical Remix
Architect: Marcante-Testa
Project Location: Turin, Italy
Project Date: 2015

This multi-generational apartment's design was restored from inspiration from its original details in the 1930's. However, the architect chose to reinterpret these original details in different proportions and materials on purpose to bring freshness to the design, provide unusual and expected moments, and not literal interpretations.

These unexpected moments can be seen throughout the apartment such as the dining room, where the ceiling was made from stucco and wallpaper as a tribute to an Italian Surrealist artist, pastel color choices in paints mixed with dark paints, and modern furniture, not mid-century with unique details.


A private residence

Project: A Private Residence
Designer: Jamie Bush + Co.
Project Location: La Canada Flintridge, California
Project Date: 2011

This 5,000 sq ft California house uses building materials such as glass, steel, redwood and stone, as their strategy is to evoke mid-century original design of the house.

The designer also uses contextual approach as homage to the era, such as recognizing the site context of abundance of redwood trees growing outside and bringing them inside, creating an inside outside connection, one of the principals of mid-century design.


Feldman House

Project: Feldman House
Architect: Saul Zaik (original), Interiors: Jessica Helgerson
Project Location: Portland, Oregon
Project Date: 2015

This mid-century home was fully remodeled while preserving the original architecture as much as possible, including original materials.

Carefully considering the choices of what the original architect would have made, striking a balance and cohesion of the carefully selected furniture pieces and finishes to make them look as if they always belonged in this house was the continuous goal for this designer.

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