P House

Architects: HAHN Design
Location: Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Building Area: 207.5 sqm
Project Year: 2007

Treating Feng-Shui in a modernized space mitigates the compact organization of the space.

Green Edge House

Architect: mA-style Architects
Location: Fujieda, Sizuoka, Japan
Project Year: December 2012
Site Area: 200.90m2
Total Floor Area: 73.01 m2

Garden around the perimeter of the house blurs the boundary between the interior and exterior, giving an extraordinary experience in each room.


House in Moriyama

Architect: Suppose design office
Location: Nagoya, Japan
Project Year: 2009

Main feature of the building, the "Garden Room" extends the exterior to the interior of the living spaces.



Architects: K2YT
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Area: 291.0 sqm

Urban framing on the facade invites natural light and air to enter the interior spaces.

CJ5 house

Architect: Caramel architekten
Location: Vienna, Austria
Project Year: 2014

Using sustainable solutions to solve the problem of urban density allows the narrow site to provide high quality living spaces.

Ga on Jai House

Architect: Iroje KHM Architects
Location: Gyeounggi-do, Korea
Site Area: 872.63 sqm
Building Area: 337.33 sqm

Introducing Korean elements to the modern building provides extraordinary spatial experience that is surrounded by 'Madang', traditional inner court.
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