Philadelphia Navy Yards - Central Green

Project: Central Green at the Philadelphia Navy Yards
Architect: James Corner Field Operations
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Year: 2015

Central Green is a 5-acre space located at the heart of the Philadelphia Navy Yards. The design fuses the natural history and native habitat of the site with the more social, active, and urban future it is headed towards. A 20 feet track forms the main circulation through the park, framing the interior park that holds multiple activity space including outdoor fitness stations, amphitheater, bocce courts, and hammocks.


Superkilen Park

Project: Superkilen
Architects: Topotek 1 / BIG / Superflex
Location: Norrebro, Copenhagen
Year: 2012

Superkilen is a creative collaboration between BIG architects, Topotek 1, and Superflex - 3 distinct firms that came together to fuse architecture, landscape architecture, and art. It is a 0.5 mile urban space that weaves through a very diverse and difficult neighborhood in Denmark, bringing together various forms of art and form from around the world into one space to create a whole, dynamic space. These objects range from benches to palm trees (los angeles) to landscapes (chinese and japanese gardens) to fitness areas to sculptural forms, for example. The park is separated into 3 zones - a green, black, and red zone - each with a different surface, color, and function.


Lawn on D

Project: Lawn on D
Architects: Sasaki Associates
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Year: 2015

Lawn on D is a vibrant, flexible, and temporary public space on D street in Boston. Inspired by the arts, design, innovation, and technology - it is a platform to test spatial ideas, configurations, and programs of the future event space that will be built. As an activity hub, it features colorful paths with signature lights that lead to various gathering spaces. Playful and bright furniture adorn the open space, encouraging interaction and ownership of the space.


Copacabana Promenade

Project: Copacabana Promenade
Architect: Roberto Burle Marx
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Year: 1970

Copacabana Promenade is a 4km long landscape of mosaic sidewalk paving along Copacabana beach. It is one of the most identifiable public space features in history. The promenade is essentially a giant abstract painting, where no two sections along the beach are similar. The black and white wave motif creates varying interest along a long stretch along the beach.


Zighizaghi Park

Project: Zighizaghi Park
Architects: OFL Architecture
Location: Favara, Italy
Year: 2016

Zighizaghi Park is a multi-sensory urban space that was built to enhance a formerly empty urban corner into a dynamic and welcoming place. The key element in this project is its use of hexagons - inspired by the honeycomb pattern of bees. On a horizontal plane, wooden hexagons come together in different configurations to create pathways and seating interspersed with planting. On the vertical plane, 6 red fourteen-sided prisms that contain loudspeakers are distributed across the space, providing music and entertainment. Zighizaghi Park may be small, but it provides boundless joy and use to its residents.


Caulfield Campus Green

Project: Caulfield Campus Green, Monash University
Architects: TCL (Taylor Cullity Lethlean)
Location: Victoria, Australia
Year: 2015

Caulfield Campus Green was once a disjointed vehicular and disused space on Monash University's campus. With the vision of TCL, it has become the pedestrian heart of the campus with its signature blue paving by Agatha Gothe Snape. It functions as a multi-purpose space with various sports and activity zones, delineated through the markings on the "blueprint". Colorful chairs and tables furnish the outdoor space, creating a lively setting for social gatherings and study sessions alike.

Caulfield Campus Green was also awarded the Victoria Award of Excellence for Urban Design by the Australia Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) in mid-2016.

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