Black Facades

Black facades were present in many projects in 2016, and they promise to make a big appearance in 2017.

Black helps to highlight the overall shape of the project, minimizing distractions and making it appear cleaner. It also enhances translucent features, such as windows and glassed portions of the facade, making the building look lighter and perforated. Its lack of light reflection makes it the perfect facade choice to blend in with the building's surroundings or adjacent structures.

Featured projects:
Black Villa: Brussels, Belgium, 2016, K2 Architects
Rijswijk Barn: Rijswijk, Holland, 2016, Workshop architecten
House in Koidu: Koidu, Estonia, 2016, Kadarik Tuur Arhitektid


Narrow Homes

As our cities continue to increase their density, urban lots become scarce and expensive; these narrow houses or urban infills, are born as an answer to this problem, as a cheap, space saving alternative to building in high-density settings.

They make use of vacant interstitial spaces, such as alleys or dividing walls between constructed lots. This trend will continue to grow strong in 2017.

Featured projects:
Dengshikou house: Dengshikou, China, 2016, B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio
Studio House: Santiago de Queretaro, Mexico, 2016, Intersticial Arquitectura
Maison T House: Ha Nội, Vietnam, 2016, Nghia-Architects


Space Savvy Renovations

Renovating an existent building is not only cheaper than demolishing it and building on top of it: it's also a sustainable practice, and an efficient spatial use alternative in our evergrowing cities, which tells us this trend will only spread wider on 2017.

These renovations not only change or improve the pre-existing interior design; they add new spaces to the building- using the existent structure as a base- integrating them to the new use or design the construction is given, thus gifting the old building with a new life.

Featured Projects:
Houses in Castlewood Avenue: Dublin, Ireland, 2016, ODOS architects
Scenario's House: London, England, 2016, Scenario Architecture
Antwerp Port House: Antwerp, Belgium, 2016, Zaha Hadid Architects


Interior Gardens

Interior gardens offer an alternative to urban buildings with little space available, and provide larger projects with a much-needed space fragmentation to promote more intimate spaces; they add breathable areas into the project's layout, act as ambient separators, help with temperature control and add a sense of tranquility to its adjacent spaces, creating an oasis of peace in an otherwise busy setting.

Featured Projects:
The Drawers House: Vung Tau, Vietnam, 2016, MIA Design Studio
Aamchit Courtowers: Aamchit, Lebanon, 2016, Hashim Sarkis
Garden House: Da Nẵng, Vietnam, 2016, Ho Khue Architects


Eco Friendly Architecture

Environmental awareness has been an important topic these last couple of years, and eco-friendly architecture will only get more attention in 2017. The use of sustainable materials, passive energy saving designs, water saving, low carbon print construction techniques and alternative energy harvesting methods are now something every design should at least consider.

Featured Projects:
Low Energy Consumption Residences: Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain, 2016, Fontdevila Casajuana Arquitectes
Tamalpais Residence: Mill Valley, CA, USA, 2016, Zack de Vito Architecture + Construction
Palatine Passive House: Seattle, WA, USA, 2016, Malboeuf Bowie Architecture
KODA: Tallin, Estonia, 2016, Kodasema


Timber Cladding Facades

Timber cladding, either as a product of a naked timber structure or a decorative facade, offers a texture rich alternative to projects; it blends perfectly in natural settings, it adds softness to its surroundings in urban settings, and it's also a sustainable alternative since trees are a renewable natural source. Whether they're constituted of a series of shingles or panels, timber cladding's modular nature makes it easy to replace in the event of a damaged piece.

Featured Projects:
WUK-1 Sacha Yaku: Papallacta, Ecuador, 2016, ERDC Arquitectos
"A" House: Minsk, Belarus, 2016, Igor Petrenko
Kap House: Singapore, 2016, ONG&ONG Pte Ltd
Romsdal Folk Museum: Molde, Norway, 2016, Reiulf Ramstad Architects

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