ArchiCAD Playground Equipment

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A selection of playground equipment objects for ArchiCAD.

Each one is parametric and all materials can be changed.

This library works with ArchiCAD 11 and higher.

Note: This download is a zip file containing a folder. The folder contains a complete ArchiCAD playground library with numerous ArchiCAD object files. To use them you need to add the entire folder to your project via ArchiCAD's library manager.

File Type: ArchiCAD
Content Type: Manufacturer Specific
Category: Exterior & Cladding
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victor.m • 31st March 2012

Very useful!!!

bojan.stevanovic • 19th August 2012

This is great!!!

hinge.akashraj • 14th November 2012

how to use .gsm

scott.barrington • 14th November 2012

@hinge .gsm is the native object format for ArchiCAD. You just need to load this object from ArchiCAD's object manager.

sajith.nayage • 30th January 2013

Please help me to use this. I download this but i can't extract. it's coming error.

nick.lowe • 8th February 2013

I'm with Sajith. Downloaded with firefox > Open > new ArchiCAD (14) window appears and asks "new project" > yes > Blank screen. So whilst I am perfectly aware that .gsm is the native object format I can't open it, and if you can't open it you can't load it into any library.

modlar • 9th February 2013

We just tested this and it is working correctly.

This download is a zip file which contains an entire object library for ArchiCAD.
So you have to unzip it > then open a project in ArchiCAD > open ArchiCAD's library manager and add the downloaded folder.

Once you have done this all of the objects will appear in ArchiCAD's object browser for you to place!

modlar Modlar Profile

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