Bi-fold door for Revit Architecture 2011

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Bi-fold door - Generic revit model for Revit Architecture 2011

File Type: Revit
Country: New Zealand
Category: Windows & Doors
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guillermo-rosales • 2nd March 2015

seems like what I am looking for... let's try!

luds.guyot • 30th May 2015

Thank you, have been looking for this for ages. It is openable at will.
Thanks !!!

luds.guyot • 30th May 2015

Hi kero,
Just one question (i am new to Revit, and used to Sketchup), can you modify the number of panels ? Ideally I need 4 in total. If so can you please tell me how ?
Regardless if this can't be modified, this is the best parametric Bi-fold door I ever found. Thank you again. :-)

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