Heritage Hardware Screen Lifters

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These ArchiCAD objects contains the full range of screen lifters available from Heritage Hardware.

All lifters have been modeled to scale and can be easily visually selected from the object's custom user interface within the ArchiCAD object browser.

The sitting height of the screen lifters can also be adjusted and is limited to the correct heights.

These screen lifters are available in New Zealand & Australia, for more information on these products please vist www.heritagehardware.co.nz

Objects work with ArchiCAD 12 and higher.

File Type: ArchiCAD
Country: New Zealand
Category: Miscellaneous
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WELCOME to Heritage Hardware. Bringing you affordable European designer sinks, cabinet handles, and innovative hardware that meets the demands of today's Kitchens and furniture. You have our 100% guarantee that any kitchen sinks, cabinet handles or hardware solutions we provide you with, have received our unprecedent... Read more

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