The 2012 Business Value of BIM in North America is OUT NOW!

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The Business Value of BIM in North America 2012 is OUT NOW!

The Business Value of BIM in North America: Multi-Year Trend Analysis and User Ratings (2007–2012) by McGraw-Hill Construction is now out!

As posted in our blog in October, the new report follows up on the use and growth of BIM since its last report in 2009.

The new report is an interesting one and shows great increases in the percentage of companies using BIM, percentage of total work done in BIM and business benefits. Additionally the report:



  • Surveys the levels of usage and expertise
  • Cost of BIM investments
  • Return on investment (ROI) that users are achieving
  • Business benefits that users are gaining
  • Investigates the ways BIM is changing/helping teams work together


Also available as a separate report is The Business Value of BIM in Korea (a Smartmarket Report by McGraw-Hill Construction). The report looks at Korea’s BIM adoption compared to the U.S and Western Europe.


To download a free copy of The Business Value of BIM in North America visit McGraw-Hill Construction.

To download a free copy of The Business Value of BIM in Korea visit McGraw-Hill Construction.


Source: McGraw-Hill Construction (North America Report) and McGraw-Hill Construction (Korea Report)



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