BIMstop and Box integration

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Box dot com and BIMstop

New BIMstop and integration makes library storage and management even easier.

Managing your company’s vast BIM content library is fast becoming an issue in many enterprises. As your team needs to all be using the latest files and have easy access to them no matter where they are. From a BIM manager’s perspective managing everyone’s libraries can become a nightmare and this problem has been traditionally solved by using shared server folders.

As all IT moves to the cloud, there has been a shift to cloud storage services such as or Dropbox which allow files to be much more easily shared and managed across your company. With better pricing models these technologies are being adopted by enterprises of all sizes. These services also give BIM managers a lot more control over the files that are deployed across their company, rather than giving everyone a free for all to download whatever they like – which can be an issue on larger BIM projects, resulting in errors and conflicts.

To help make this move to cloud storage even easier today you will start to see some new icons appearing across the BIMstop network. These quite simply allow you to instantly push any BIM object you choose directly to your Box account. From here you can then add it to your company’s BIM library.

To get started with the new integration simply browse to any BIM content page in our network library or you can read more about it in Box’s app gallery here.

Below are some screenshots of the integration in action:




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