Apple campus 2 update and renders

There's been an update to what is with little doubt one of the most anticipated new commercial buildings in the coming years, Apple's new campus in Cupertino.

The Cupertino council has just released the latest set of plans for the proposed building which looks amazing. The project is designed by Foster Partners, with engineering being done by Arup.

From our point of view it is very exciting to see that they are using building information modeling (BIM) tools for the project. Within the documentation you can see a detailed MEP model.

Foster Parters use Bentley as their BIM tool of choice, which begs the question is the Apple campus being designed and documented on PCs? We're unsure which tools Arup uses, however it would be great to learn more about their processes for modeling the building and whether they are exchanging building data between project stakeholders.

More of the drawings are freely available from the Cupertino Council website here

Last but not least here are some updated renders of what some are saying will be one of the best office building in the world...

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